Creative Talk

Elin PK

As a child, Elin often felt she had difficulty managing her emotions and felt that she needed to get an outlet for them in some way. She tried to write a diary, but it did not work and usually ended with her sitting and scribbling on the lined pages. In the end, it was her mother who asked if she should not just paint instead? That's how it turned out and it has continued that way ever since. In 2016, Elin chose to invest wholeheartedly in art. Read her story!

Hi Elin!
What fun to have an interview with you! How are you today?
Yes, super fun! There have been a lot of applications for Master programs recently and today I sent in the last application, so I feel very light in body and happy!

For those who don't know you, who are you?
My name is Elin Palmaer Karlsson, but I usually call myself Elin PK when I create. Right now I am in my final year of HDK-Valand's design candidate in Gothenburg, and in my spare time I dedicate myself to illustrating and painting colorful posters!

What does art mean to you and where do you think the interest comes from?
Of course it means a lot, I would say that I create for myself in the first place and then for others. There is something very meditative about getting lost in a created process, where time and space cease to exist and suddenly 5 hours have passed. It's a refuge, but it's not about escaping from something, but to something. The interest comes from my mother, grandmother and aunt who have created in different ways and always encouraged me to do so.




Do you have an artist who inspires you and why?
In addition to my relatives, right now Corneille and Ulrica Hydman Vallien - I love the naivety of the expression and color combinations.

How do you see the future?
I try to be cautiously optimistic haha! I had such big plans for 2020 and yes, we all know how it went… But I am in a bit of a crossroads in my life right now, I am graduating this year and will either study further, try to get a job or continue working with my own. So I think the future feels a little scary, but exciting!


We love your color and strong works, where can you find your inspiration?
I think all people have an inner color scale, some a more modest scale and others a more colorful one. My inner scale has always been colorful and explosive. I grew up with a lot of color, which certainly contributed to me being drawn to it. But I am inspired by most things, like many others. It can be anything from Pinterest to plants and people. But for me, it is also important to take a step back when I have looked for inspiration and give my own creativity space to come up with something of my own. Otherwise, it will be easy for me to feel "satisfied" with everything nice that already exists and wonder how I will be able to invent something of my own without "copying".

How would you describe your art style?
Naive, exploratory and emotionally driven. I rarely plan what to create but let the process and gut feeling lead the way. The fun of creating is precisely the creation itself. I think the lust-filled would have disappeared if I knew what would happen or what would happen. It will be like a surprise at the end of each process, and who does not like surprises ?!

Mention three things no one knows about you…
Wow, that's hard! I am quite transparent as a person and not so secretive but I can put out a match in my mouth, I have had most of the clothing styles available and I have taken all my holes in my ears myself!


What did you dream of becoming when you were young?
As a very young child, I wanted to become a circus princess or dolphin keeper… But later I have always dreamed of working creatively and running my own!

Where do you dream of seeing your art?
I think it would have been fun to see my art in the store, on home furnishings and utensils. I dream of seeing my art in beautiful homes. Of course it would have been fun to see it in museums and galleries, but I create for myself and other people - so the best grade and what makes me warm in my heart is to see my art on other people's walls!

Thanks for the chat Elin! Finally, would you like to recommend something?
It's me to thank! I would like to recommend routines and to clear out unnecessary things haha! You feel so much better when you have an everyday life and cabinets without knick-knacks! Then I would like to recommend my Instagram @elinpk!