Creative talk

Jennie Petersen

Jennie started painting a few years ago but found her direction and path when she was sick for a short time ago. Like so many other women, Jennie felt that she was or did good enough. Tired of the ideals and norms that our society creates and wanted to challenge them in art. She started painting different bodies and women and during the process it was curves and lines that came into focus. Meet her here. 


Jennie! How has your summer been? Have you had time to come back to reality?
The summer has been fantastic, I have swum in the sea almost every day and it is one of the best I know. I get happy from swimming, the endorphins flow after a swim in the sea. I probably haven't had time to land yet, but I'm ready for autumn and the calm it brings.

Let's talk about your art, you have not painted all your life?
No exactly, me and one of my best friends sat and ate lunch about 8 years ago and I had just read that one's job should not be one's hobby so I wanted a hobby that was creative, my friend said we start painting. But it was not until I became exhausted two years ago that I started painting again and really found my expression.large
Tell us about your art, your expression!
I tend to be guided by contrasts, I am inspired by what rubs. If it gets too perfect then I become uninterested. I like the unexpected, the gloomy along with the happy and situations that are uncomfortable. So far, I mostly paint women and women's bodies, so that is also definitely my expression. There is so much to explore here.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I am incredibly inspired by women, especially in the older team. There is something about middle-aged and older women that is so inspiring. Both how the body changes and the beauty of it but also the "I dont give a fuck the attitude" that often comes with age. Women who defy and fight against the ideals are very inspiring to me and in that I find my strength and motivation.left_50right_50

What are your thoughts on the future?
Hmm, difficult question, to continue to develop my creation is my goal. I would also like to have more time for my art in the future.

What is the biggest challenge of being an artist?
Some periods I can not create anything and some periods I have as much as I want to create so there will be a short circuit. It is difficult to find the balance. The periods when I criticize myself are tough, everything I do feels bad and mediocre. But think it is very common for anyone who is creative.

What makes you really happy?
The sea, to swim!

What do you think is your greatest strength?
I am very adaptable without losing my self, I can see and read a situation or a room quickly and adapt to it and at the same time I always keep my personality. I remain the same Jennie whoever I talk to.large

What does your best breakfast look like?
It's Saturday or Sunday and we have set the table nicely, there are fresh berries, Russian yoghurt and fresh bread. Flowers on the table and jazz in the speakers and the whole family are gathered and we sit for a long time talking and laughing. I end the breakfast by painting and drinking more tea. This is how I think it should be when I put on the tablecloth and set the table nicely, but really, Franka, my 5-year-old, usually pours out the juice glass. Inez my eldest daughter comes and sits down after a lot of nagging and sits down for 1 min, she does not even like breakfast. There is a quarrel about who should sit where and then all of a sudden the jazz ends and some ticking starts.

Tell us about a fun memory!
When I ordered vitamins for my hair through an ad on Facebook, I got the tablets home and thought that now my hair will be so beautiful. I started taking the tablets and became irritable, my heart was racing, I could not sleep and I was very alert. Which is unusual for everyone around me, as I am an extremely slow and agile person. My husband reacted and wondered what I bought and it turned out that I bought diet pills with caffeine in. A subscription that was kind of impossible to cancel. I do a lot of things like this so I have now promised my sister and husband to always check with them first. I'm a person who thinks it is not so strange if I won an iPad and opens the email and clicks on the link even though I not even participated in a competition.large

Brown vase, fr. €29.00

Last but not least, do you have any hidden talents?
Had to ask my sister who knows me better than I do and she said I am very good at the game Memory! Which is strange because my memory is really bad and then you might think, aha but it may be the long-term memory that is bad, but no it is both the long-term memory and the short-term memory. However, do not know if it is a talent to be good at memory?