Creative talk

Lucrecia Rey Caro

Lucrecia is a full-time artist and graphic designer from Cordoba, Argentina. She describes herself as a curious person who loves to experiment with new concepts and ideas. She uses her art to express her thoughts and feelings. Lucrecia draws inspiration from everyday life such as nature, poetry, history and music. Her biggest passion is to travel around the world and experience different cultures. Meet her here and take part in what motivates her and read about her best "life hacks".


Lucrecia, how are you today?
Happy and grateful, motivated to prepare everything new that is coming.

Can you tell us a little about your creation, what does your expression look like?
My expression goes along with my feelings, my inspiration comes from the sensations that run through my story from day to day. Although every day I am creating something new, when something happens that generates new sensations, it motivates me more to create.


When did you realize that creation was a part of your life, and how?
I always said that my most sincere and pure way of expressing myself was and is through art, through strokes, hands, paint, papers, sculpture. The space where I always felt most comfortable. Expression through art.

What does art mean to you?
Art is my company, my motivation. I get abstracted and connected with the outside world. And It is not only my job but also my way of keeping myself alive, active, inspired and motivated.

What inspires you?
Past and present History, poetry, experiences, music, nature, astrology inspire me a lot. Today my artistic research is closely connected with sensations and stories.

What do you do on a day when you are not painting?
I always keep doing some creative activity, I also work as a graphic designer
or if I have some free time I try to connect with nature somewhere.

Do you have a good "life hack" to share?
Stay focused on your goals, and always follow your intuition.
I think that never fails, because it is something that our soul and our body feel.

What makes you happy?
It makes me happy to have new challenges, to be able to share my art with people, surround myself with my closest ones and share a talk, with a glass of wine haha. I love to philosophize, and always study something new. Open and expand my mind constantly.

Do you dream of something?
Although I consider myself a great dreamer, today I try to focus more on the present. I realized that life always surprises you with something new. I like and enjoy that, as I think it is part of the way. This year many challenges await me with art, starting with a large individual art show.

Tell us three things that no one knows about you!
That I have an astrology and design / art project with a lifelong friend. Since I was a girl I always collected different things, from stamps to books or postcards (not so much for now). When I was very little I dreamed of being an archeologist.

Where would you like to see your own art?
I want to see my art in all the places where people like to see it, enjoy it and contribute something to them. I do not seek to fill myself with places, but rather connections with people.