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Henrietta Fromholtz

Our artist Henrietta Fromholtz is colorful and confident, which is characterized by her interior design and artistry. But that has not always been the case. She used to be afraid of what others would think. Her thoughts revolved around looking and being like others and then being accepted by others.

Between the years 11 '- 13', Henrietta lived with an illness that filled her life with anxiety, starvation and self-hatred. One day when it was at its worst, she decided to do something that made her let go of reality. She grabbed the nearest pencil and painted a dog. A nice dog. That was when she realized that she had a talent she did not know existed. After that, painting became a big part of her life.

Today she is her strongest self and she is one of the artists at Wall of Art. She is confident in her style, goes her own way and is driven by daily pepping girls to let go of the thoughts of their body, love their benefits and to dare to be imperfect.

Henrietta's home is characterized by her personality and background. She combines colorful furniture with personal details such as her own artwork to a self-composed lamp from Myrorna.


How do you think about your interior design?
Home means a lot to me. Every day I step inside the door I should feel wow! I want to be inspired, reminded of who I am and shocked by colors and special details. When we had a guest this week, I was told that our home felt fun and homely and that made me very happy. Better that the home is characterized by the person who lives there, than that it feels flat and too perfect.


How to make the home personal?
Start from what you are happy with, dare to create yourself and decorate with details that you have a special connection to. For me, it can be anything from a picture of me and Johan, something I have painted myself, details that have a story or just color combinations I like.

Your home is full of color, do you have any tips on how to think when decorating with color?
I do not think one should be afraid to add color. I kind of have whole rainbow colors in my home, but to get a whole together, I have chosen to emphasize a certain number of colors in each room. It is clear which are my favorite colors: mustard yellow, pink, black and green. A tip is to divide the colors into different parts of the room and let the colors be picked up in different patterns and textures. I also think it's very nice to break off the colorful with something black.




Do you have a favorite work of art?
I have many favorites but some of them are "Colorful Green" by Annika hultgren, "151 OK" by Kalle Lindeman / Wille Larsson, "So the party is over" by Jiashen Hahn. I also like the motif "Circle" by Annika Hultgren. It is stripped down and simple. I am neither one nor the other, but differences are needed to create an entirety.


Which of your own works of art do you like the most?
"Till min lemonad" - The painting gives me memories of my grandmother. There are always fruit bowls on the table, she has several on her walls and was the first thing she taught me to draw. Is there anything more personal than coming home to an elderly person? Memories, memories, memories. It's the coziest thing I know and that in combination with the color yellow, makes it my favorite.


Henrietta's 5 quick interior design tips:

- Decorate with colors that make you feel wow and that you can identify with.

- Combine colorful interiors with black details. It creates a nice contrast.

- A picture wall can really add a personal feeling to the home, but dare to take in color and combine different artist styles.

- If you have a specific painting that you like extra much, pick up the colors from the painting in, for example, a pillow.

- Create something of your own! Extra fun to say that you did something yourself. Do not overthink, just do!


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