Hello home, Julia Stridh

Choose a color scale for feeling and impulse, make time for each other, spicy cheese doodles, Tuscany and odd jackets. Julia Stridh opened up to her loving home where the feeling of never wanting to leave arises.

June 15, 2024

Julia, how are you?
I feel good. It's spring in the air, I have just started working after my second maternity leave and I feel very alert and new in my life. Unfortunately, terrible things are happening in our world, which I think we are all very much affected by right now. It's hard to take in. I try to distance myself from my feelings and not get mentally involved in everything. And of course contribute and help in any way possible. And above all, prepare myself and everyone around me to always stand with an open heart and mind. We should all be helped in times like these.

Spring is finally here, we dare say, what are you looking forward to?
To come back. Is in the middle of toddler years and has spent the last 4 years basically being either pregnant or breastfeeding a baby. Now I am out on the other side and I have missed ME and my working life. To be able to run my own, to be creative and the confirmation I actually get in my fun profession.

When I stepped into your apartment, it almost felt like being outside Sweden, a mix between Copenhagen and the Mediterranean! It's a great place! Tell us about the idea when you started your renovation!
Most things have happened when we were feeling at the moment. I choose colors on my feet in the store and it turned out well. The Mediterranean is always in our hearts, hence the color and warmth.

What has been the biggest challenge?
It was enough to do the whole home at once. Make all parts flap. Decisions that must be made on a conveyor belt. Even if it's fun, it's boring to stress out decisions.

What makes you excited and happy?
A pre-drink with my love, Dan, before we go to a party with friends. It is the best there is! We are not spoiled with time together right now.

"When I'm alone and the kids are asleep, I watch Bachelor or some other bad TV and eat spicy cheese doodles."

The kitchen, the fantastic kitchen that so many of us are inspired by, not least the yellow island, really feels like the heart of the apartment! Did you have a clear picture of what it would look like and become?
No, I did not have that, it grew. But we knew before that the kitchen island was coming. And the color. We have a relatively discreet kitchen because it is combined with both dining area and living room. Hence the dull yellow island as a discreet color click. Gets happy with it every day.

What do you do when no one is home?
When does it happen? Is never home myself! Oh my God. When I'm alone and the kids are asleep, I watch Bachelor or some other bad TV and eat spicy cheese doodles.

The colorful shutters in two of the rooms give so much feeling to the apartment, were they already in place?
They were here! Kind of the only thing we preserved. They were white and the craftsmen were completely convinced that we wanted to tear them out. I had time to stop and was determined that they would be painted in color.

Your best tips to get the right feeling at home!
Really goes for the feeling that everything we choose will be nice together. It does not have to match. Better to pick out some stuff that feels off and weird. It should be a little fun too, I can feel.

If you could dream freely, where would you like to live?
Would love to spend some time somewhere in California. Also spend summers in a motley stone house with my family in Tuscany. And winters in a mountain cabin somewhere. Could imagine living almost anywhere, testing for a while, as long as it is with my family and we all agree on the decision to live right there.

What are you dancing to?
Type everything. Starved is what I am. Give me classic hits.

Where do you prefer to spend your summer days?
The west coast and a pinch of Italy.

Your best garment in the closet?
Jacket! An odd jacket is all that is needed. For jeans, tights over a dress. Love all my odd jackets.

How do you think your friends would describe you?
Annoying. Talking too loud. Intensive. Puts me in and will decide over others. Then I hope that they also think I am quite funny, maybe kind and at times a good person. Hope.

A detail that would never ever get into your home…
Gadget ... hmm. Lots of stuff that does not come in. Do not like too modern, tight and like "hotel" style. So that kind of furniture. A stylish sideboard tex.

Last but not least, what do you always find in your fridge?
No clue. I'm always excited about what's going to be there when I open. Is not a routine person who makes sure things exist. It's very different.