Hello home

Linus Levenborn

We went to the south in Skåne to visit the Malmö guy Linus in his cozy apartment. A place filled with personal and well-chosen details that indicate a strong interest in surfing. Surfboards and textbooks share space and are reminiscent of a time before a pandemic. Linus longs for a place where shoes are not needed but does not reveal his biggest dream, nor his go-to places for good surfing in Sweden. We had lunch and talked to catch up, meet him here.


You're the first guy in our Hello Home series! How does it feel?
It feels super fun and exciting! It should also be fun to see what it looks like at other people's homes, compared to how I feel!

How are you today?
I feel good thank you! The sun is shining and summer is finally here!

Tell us a little about yourself, who are you?
Wow, just realized how hard it is to talk about yourself. But in short, I am a happy guy of 25 years who lives in a small but cozy apartment in the area around Folkets Park in Malmö. Currently studying Production Management / Media at Malmö University. Kind of like that?

From the apartment to read, are you surfing?
Yes, that's correct. Maybe not as much anymore though due to the current situation with the pandemic. Then of course I have my studies to take care of. But otherwise it is my biggest hobby that I love and value very much.

Where and when was the interest aroused?
The interest started out by my father who wanted us to first start windsurfing here in Sweden. When we then discovered that wave surfing was much more fun, we started surfing together!

Do you surf both abroad and in Sweden?
Yes, it happens that I surf in Sweden. But it is not very often. Partly because Sweden does not always deliver the best waves, but also because I am lazy and prefer warmer water :) Otherwise I prefer abroad all the time!


Are you revealing a good spot in Sweden or is it a no-go?
Haha I do not have a "secret spot" if that is what you mean, but the places I surf in Sweden are already relatively well known so they do not need more spotlight;)

What do you do when you are not paddling around in turquoise water?
As I said, right now I'm studying, but when I have time left over, I spend a lot of time with my friends and family. I should also not lie that I sometimes like to nerd myself in movies and games when given the opportunity. It has absolutely happened that I have seen all eight Harry Potter films x number of times, preferably one after the other.

You live at Möllan in Malmö, what's not to miss?
That's correct! When you are here, you absolutely need to grab a gyros at Gyros Pita on Bergsgatan, Malmö's best falafel can be found at Saras.
A beer at Far i Hatten should not be joked about either! And of course as a student I have found Malmö's cheapest & best instant noodles at Asia Trading!

What do you do in two years?
In exactly two years, I will graduate, which means that I will most certainly pack my suitcase, take the surfboard under my arm and fly somewhere! I do not know where, as long as there are waves and surfaces that allow one to walk around barefoot. Then I'm down!

Do you have a dream?
Yes, but I do not reveal it!

left_50right_50I love your apartment, it has a lot of personality! What was your plan when decorating?
Many thanks! It has right? Well ... I actually do not think I have thought that much about it. Most things have come naturally, and maybe that's exactly what makes it so personal. Most of it comes from my own taste, and some from my family. Both my mother, father and sister are interested in design - and interior design. Guess it probably "infected" me too.

left_50right_50What are your favorite designs at WOA?
There are so many, but I definitely have some favorites. I really like Craving Oysters, Overthink, San José and Bauhaus Dessau 01.


right_50Five quick questions…
Summer - Winter? Summer
Day party - Evening party? Day party
Sunbathing - Swimming? Swim
Masquerade - No Masquerade? Masquerade
Host a dinner - Be Invited? Host a dinner