Hello home, Lucy Tisné

The artist Lucy Tisné was born and raised in Great Britain. She has worked across the board in the art world starting out as a filmmaker and art director, then card and graphic print designer, interior designer and fine artist. Lucy loves the feeling of a blank piece of paper being developed and completed faster than the projects she is used to. She loves playing with space, bold colors and patterns. Some ideas just start with colors and then take off. Meet her here.

Hello Lucy!
Tell us a little about you!
I’m Lucy, a mother of two boys and a girl, and married to Louis. We live in London but were in Berlin for 7 years, Louis is half French, and my American father was raised in Italy, which is a place close to my heart, so I consider myself European, more than English. I have a very romantic view of the world and am very affected by my surroundings. I’m very sensitive to light, colour, textures, patterns and objects. I grew up in a very cosy home with a mother who also focused on the small details that make life cosy. So I feel drawn to the magic and beauty in every day. I wear my heart often on my sleeve, for better or for worse. I am extremely lucky to have wonderful friends.

"I won’t paint something without my full heart involved"

What’s your inspiration when painting?
I have sudden urges to paint things, it sort of hits me. I won’t paint something without my full heart involved. It might be the stripes on a blanket in a magazine or the corner of a patch of fabric, a view from a street, a scene from a film that inspires me, but when it happens I log it in, and use that as a starting point. Sometime just two chunks of colour that I have seen side by side, or the use of space in a painting or photograph can be the starting point. it’s hard to explain. It’s a mix of reality, a need to physically create something and a melange of sensations/ images that slowly form.

How did your artistry started?
I have always wanted to be very close to the creative process. I have always painted and loved art in all its forms, from photography, filmmaking and interior design to more recently a collection of Alphabet postcards, greeting cards and bespoke Art posters. Painting was always my passion but only recently did I find the confidence to share my work. Also my daughter Coco is a non stop artist so I was filling the table with paints and paper as usual,  but one day I decided to join her. I felt soothed by the feeling of colour landing on a blank canvas - not only the colours themselves but the physical act of painting felt nourishing and calming and grounding. And then to have a product that exists forever at the end - it’s very exciting and rewarding.

What do you do on a free day?
I love lying in, I’m very lazy. I love breakfast in bed, reading my book or the papers, soaking in a long bath. Most working days I go for a run on the Hackney Marshes with my dog Alba, or or an outdoor swim at the London Fields Lido, which I especially love in Autumn. If I really do have a full day to myself when I don’t feel I have to work, or take the kids with me, which is rare, I will nip to Columbia Road flower market, or Brick lane for some mooching and vintage shopping. Secret pleasures are walking on the Heath, going to the cinema in the middle of the day, eating out and talking for hours with Louis or a girlfriend over wine and fine food, and mooching, i do a lot of mooching…

What’s your favourite song?
An impossible question. I jog most days to a soundtrack of inspiring songs and I am extremely moved by music. I rediscovered This Woman’s Work by Kate Bush when the artist Steve McQueen listed it as one of his desert Island Discs and it stopped me in my tracks and I played it on a loop for weeks. Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley cooper always churns my soul, but I will also start cartwheeling with joy to Chandelier by Sia.... Sorry that’s three…..

What’s your inspiration when it comes to interior?
I love an art-filled Parisian apartment, books piled high on herringbone floors, huge windows, enormous gilt framed mirrors, tall candles, vintage designer chairs from the 50s and 70s, travertine coffee table, pops of emerald green, marble surfaces, Cesca chairs, lots of wood and Art and some 70s caramel cord.

"I would love to be surrounded by my canvases"

What are you longing for?
A studio space. I’ve never really had a place of my own to work in. I would love to be surrounded by my canvases. My dream is to paint and write and not have to pack it all away at the end of the day.

Tell us about your new collection at Wall of Art!
Most of the paintings are inspired by the outdoors, by a long hot summer in Tuscany, the allure of the refreshing pool, my daughter's swimming costume dripping in the Italian pink tiled bathroom, the beautiful laundry blowing in the heat, and the comfy sun lounger at my husbands family home in France that just says summer. The slowing nature of the heat of summer helped to produce a lot of it. And the yellow Mimosa, a remnant of summer that never dies and cheers the place up forever.