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Tuva Stener

Tuva Stener is the fashion fan who has a keen eye for interior design and details. She mixes classics with exciting new shapes and creates a welcoming home. We got the chance to peek in at Tuva and hear about how she thinks about interior design. Join us!

Hey Tuva! How fun that you are with us here and that we got to visit your magical home! We see that you have an eye for detail, but tell us more about who you are!

Thanks, so much fun! I live on Södermalm with my cat Lune and I am a person who loves interior design and fashion. I freelance with my instagram @tuvaalicia and in recent years, my great passion for interior design has grown bigger and bigger, which I during this year have taken the step to start working with, at Temporärt.


Where did your interest in beautiful things and interior design begin?

I have always liked color and shape, but my interest in interior design grew during my teens. I went with my aunt to flea markets and looked for gold nuggets in the form of furniture and interior details. It all probably started with the excitement and the very possibility of finding a bargain.

How do you think about a home, what does it mean to you?

My home is my safe castle that I love to open up to my loved ones. It is important to me that it is my home to convey a warm feeling and be a combination of memories, personality, new and old.

Do you have a role model that you would like to change home with and why?

I rarely take inspiration from a particular person, but love to be inspired by different styles and people. Both from interior design magazines such as Apartamento, but also Pinterest and Instagram. An account I found recently is @Faringsohuset which has a perfect mix of personal details, finds and design.


Your best tips on interior stores?

I used to live in Hjorthagen and had a five minute walk to Myrorna in Ropsten, it was a pure luxury because there I could find a lot of furniture which I then carried home. Otherwise, I love to find things on Blocket or Lauritz. And of course Temporärt! The fire station on Hornsgatan is also such an inspiring oasis.


2020 has been a special year in many ways, how do you see 2021?

Just at the beginning of the corona, I moved to my dream apartment, and during these months I have realized the impact the home has on my mood. As you now spend the majority of the day in your home, it becomes extremely important that you feel comfortable where you live, and for me it is important that my home reflects a calm and inspiring environment.


I'm so excited for 2021, I look forward to a creative year with a focus on interior design, it feels like I'm cheating through life when a job is so fun and rewarding! Then I have the hope that we can eventually return to a life without restrictions, then I will organize a staggering housewarming party like this 1.5 years after moving in - but the one who is waiting for something good! :)

Styling by Tuva Stener

Selected details from Studio Temporärt