In season

The kitchen invites us
to be

The days gets longer, believe it or not, every day gets four minutes longer and then suddenly it's spring. We see a need for people to want to get busy and try new activities, fill the schedule with winter baths, build picture walls, repaint, bake and knit their own scarf, to name a few trends that have emerged in the past year. Imagination and creativity have been given new life and energy!

We are guaranteed to be many who, after many hours spent in their home over the past year, have had enough and wanted to throw out everything they have and start over. I have thought that thought at least, many times. Then you capture your reason and come up with a new plan. It usually does not take much for a home or office to get a whole new look. In this styling, Linnéa has chosen to repaint an old table that was previously "wood-colored". The lively light blue tone is reminiscent of spring and brighter times and gives a new interesting expression. Suddenly we see a personal interior after a few simple brushstrokes.

We see traces of craftsmanship, both in the bread baking that invites to activity and through art. It gives a more artistic and hand-painted expression and less graphic. A poster can give so many impressions depending on the environment in which it is exposed and also the choice of frame. Dare to try painting your frames, both in an accent color but also in a matching color against the background.
right_50left_50left_50right_50The kitchen and dining area are usually a large and important part of a home, regardless of size. You hang out, work, mess, mess and sometimes even dance. Hopefully a little more of the latter item soon. A kitchen deserves just as much as the rest of the home, even when it comes to art and decor. Easy to forget, but not too late!left_50right_50

Styling by Linnéa Salmén