New arrivals

Jana Marei and 
Bárbara Moura

We have expanded our creative team with two new and fantastic artists, we welcome Jana from Berlin and Bárbara from Lisbon. Their art differs markedly but meets in that both work with inner emotional movements and expressions. Meet them here.

Jana describes her art as a result of observation of coincidence and immediate impressions. At the moment, she is playing with the subject of secrets and how they can be told without losing their mystery. Jana likes the idea that nothing inside and around us is complete - that seemingly loose particles can be connected and disconnected from each other. See her full collection here.



"My work process is a result of observation of coincidence and immediate impressions." - Jana Marei


Bárbara is currently based in Vienna, where she explores her passion for painting and drawing. Her artwork is usually characterized by vulnerability, feminism, sexuality, world problems or emotional struggles that are most often expressed in self-portraits. See her full collection here.




Photos of artworks in studio by Matilda Levenborn