New artist

Amelia Widell


Amelia Widell lives in Stockholm and is the founder, CEO and designer at melimelihome.se. Self-taught with the ambition that everything is possible if you want and is curious enough. Now she is up to date with a limited series of prints for Wall of Art. The series includes two motifs where the small dot symbolizes a small thought that then spins around in a crooked path of thought and eventually becomes something much larger. Amelia says that it is interesting to sometimes reflect on how the thought process works and how the conclusion of something actually came from something small, and how it can then land in something completely different than what was thought from the beginning. How things are brought to life.


MeliMeli's heart, but tell me, who are you?
An ordinary girl from Södermalm in Stockholm where I still live with my husband Valle and our daughters Luca 10 years and Lucie 2 years.

I just found out a short time ago that you are responsible for all the design for your furniture, fantastic. Now you are also up to date with two limited prints with us, has there always been a creative vein in you?
Yes, it has been my biggest drive ever since I was little. Built my first coffee table at the age of eight. My mom used it for way too many years :)


What did you do before MeliMeli started and how did that journey begin?
Before I started Melimeli, I worked as a photographer and interior stylist at the same time as I ran an interior design portal together with Johanna Bradford. As a single mother who meant a limited number of working hours, I wanted to start something that was not based on me being in place. Had a relatively large following scale who liked my interior design style and wanted to try making my own products and the result was MELIMELI, an e-commerce with 2 sofas. 6 years later, we have a much larger range that accommodates all kinds of furniture and interior accessories and has now opened our first physical store in the Old Town in Stockholm.


Tell us about your two artworks!
These are two paintings I painted a few years ago. Have received a lot of questions about selling them but have felt so shy when it comes to my painting so we ended up using the motif for our rugs at Melimeli instead. Then Wall of Art came and insisted that we should print my two motifs, which feels super fun and exciting!


What do you think about your art, what will be the next step?
Right now I'm painting sky motifs, a lot of clouds. Have no plan except that I will try to prioritize painting and crafts in general as it is so incredibly calming and something I get new energy from.

What do you do on a completely free day?
Trying not to have any time to spare, happy to take a massage and focus on a wonderful dinner.


Mention one thing you can not live without!
My phone. Takes care of everything from it.

Where do you get inspiration from?
Everyday events. Everything that is constantly going on is the biggest inspiration.


In my handbag you will find…
Pacifier (s) carmex, wallet and telephone. Do not like to drag things, only have a bag because it is nice otherwise I would have managed to have things in my pocket.

I would never eat this…
Hot peppers.

I long for…
A free week in a warm place with my family.

My biggest fear is…

I laugh out loud to…
Jokes and stumbling humor.

I dance to…
RnB and soul together with my children, we spend quite a lot of time dancing in the kitchen. The occasional peep song will also have to be acknowledged.

My best place on earth is…
At home, love being at home!