New artist, Peter-Maximilian Ronsdorf

Peter-Maximilian Ronsdorf is a German artist from Berlin. His art is all about creating a visually pleasing experience that encourages the viewer to dwell and engage. He creates exciting pattern and color worlds on both large as well as small canvases and places great emphasis on balanced interplay. Acrylic paint mixed with water, pastels, oil pastels as well as spray cans and oil sticks are some of the many painting medias Peter combines. Meet him here.

February 23, 2023

Peter, who are you?
My full name is Peter-Maximilian Ronsdorf, that’s also my artist name, or the name my mom uses. My friends call me Peter, I am 26 years old, live in Berlin and have the privilege of living as an artist and making a living out of that. I was born near the border of the Netherlands in Duisburg, but grew up near the Alps in deep Bavaria from when I was 5 on. I have 4 Siblings and the best parents.

"Immediately fell in love with his workflow, symbols, chaos but still structure and mostly, the colors"

Tell us about your art.
Besides most of my colleagues that do abstract art, I think very rational of art. It’s still full of emotions and atmospheres, but in the first place my art for me is a craft, thought through placement of color, and mostly matching color families that work together and become synergy’s.

How did you start your artistic journey?
I‘d say in first grade. But my first big canvas that I painted was when I was 14, my biggest brother started painting in our basement. He showed me an artist named Basquiat, many
of you may know him. Immediately fell in love with his workflow, symbols, chaos but still structure and mostly, the colors. That’s where my passion started burning I would say.

How do you feel in your new studio?
It’s a very new feeling for me. Very fresh and clean in a neutral way. The past year my 35m2 apartment was my studio, and it was messy, paint stains everywhere. So very small and chaotic. Now there is so much space, I feel free and mighty in a way. Seems like there are endless possibilities now.

Where do you find inspiration?
Mostly other artists work. There are such great artists out there and I’d say every good artist copies first and then explores more and more until they find their own style. Music is the second thing, that starts when I wake up and ends when I go to bed, and the loudest it plays when I paint. Most of the time it’s something jazzy without someone singing, the next day it’s 3 albums of Phil collins.

What you you like to do when you are not painting?
Friends, Food and going out to catch a coffee or a pint of beer. I would say spending time with friends and have food and drinks is the other side of my life besides painting in the
studio. I‘m very into fashion of the 70‘s so I spend a lot of time searching for clothing that I like and that matches. So it’s Friends, Food and Fashion.

What would you do if you did not become an artist?
A chef. Becoming either an artist or a chef, these were the 2 dreams. Food fascinates me just like art. Both essential in their own way.

What is your favorite place in Berlin?
Good question. There are a lot, for coffee, cake and shopping it’s Mitte, for a warm summer night its Maybachufer and the best bar with the best beer is Prassnik on Torstraße.

What do you wear for a Saturday night out?
That’s Easy - Cowboy boots, Bootcut Jeans and a shirt from & Other Stories.

What makes you truly happy?
That’s a good one too. As everyone believes in something I do too. In Berlin you can find everything, and people are surprised when I tell them what I believe, or truly makes me
happy. It’s Jesus. He fulfills me, gives me life, joy and everything I need.

Give us your best breakfast!
Okey so first I will give you the perfect breakfast for eating out, Salmon Toast & Eggs Benedict, a side salad, big flat white and orange juice. Very Berlin like. But when I wake up on my own, it’s steak with eggs and a jug of water. Not very Berlin like I know. I top that of with a plane banana and I am ready to go.