New artist

Viktoria Möller

Viktoria Möller is an active artist based in Stockholm. She has studied free art at Basis Konstskola. Her fascination with communication is expressed through uncontrolled and repetitive lines that shape people, body language, emotions, spaces, movements and graphic forms. The actual appearance of a work is an important part of her art, therefore image documentation, video or drawing as a performance have reappeared in her work. Meet her here and read more about dreams of Skåne, south of Sweden.


Viktoria, very nice to have you in our creative team. How do you feel now that we're live?
It just feels right to be a part of Wall of Art, so exciting to see my art take shape in a new format.

Last time we talked, you mentioned that this is the first time you sell your motifs in the form of prints, what made you dare to take the step?
It's all about time really. For the past year, I have filled my sketchbooks and then let them have time, to be there and grow. When I later looked back on many of them, prints felt like a natural way to go with them.


Tell us about your art, where does the inspiration come from?
In my art, I always come back to communication. With a need to understand and to be understood. I have always been interested in language, body language and communication between people. I am very inspired by the conversations I have daily in my work with people or situations in everyday life that in one way or another need to be processed. My painting has become like an extension of my way of communicating, a language.


In your studio there are big motifs, we are talking 2x3 meters? Is it something you prefer, to work on a larger scale?
It is a liberating feeling to paint big, when the body becomes a natural part of your tools. That feeling became clear to me during my time at art school where I painted the walls in the halls.

The expression of that size also becomes something else, which I am always drawn to do more of. I got advice from my fantastic art teacher Anna-Karin Rasmusson before a trip, to practice in a smaller format so I can draw everywhere. It has contributed to many of the works I am now launching with Wall of Art.

What are your thoughts on your art, dreams and goals?
To be able to give art all my time.


What do you do when you're not painting?
When I'm not painting, I work with people. I am a trained social educator with expertise in CBT and work with everything from young people who want to leave addiction, crime/gangs to more preventive work with children in school.

Describe yourself with three words.
Confident, brave and exploratory.


You have a daughter, Lou, what's the most fun about being her mom?
Every day with her, we laugh so much together. But something I always come back to is that she has made me a much better fiancée, family, friend, and as a person. I feel more like myself after Lou and I'll tell her that every day.

When we saw each other we talked about Skåne, a farm, studio and more space. Tell us more about that idea!
Oh, I dream of finding our farm in Skåne, with a large barn with good light that can become a studio. Endless lawn for Lou to run around on, tile stove, grow vegetables and maybe have some chickens. I really have the longing to come back to nature and a calmer pace, maybe that longing comes from the northern and introverted in me.


What is your superpower?
Read people's thoughts.

What is your best place on earth?
My atelier.