Philippa Parnevik at Wall of Art

In connection with the launch of Philippa Parnevik's photo collection, together with Philippa we invited for a vernissage. The office was filled with music and joy, and people had the chance to take a closer look at the analog pictures that had the honor of adorning the entire office.

Philippa Parnevik, based in New York found love in photography after trying to escape the loneliness and constant noise of the big city. Her feeling for each individual and the complexity you find in a person make her photographs unique in their kind. For Philippa, photography is about making connections with people. Now she is current with a series of analog images that she calls "The Butts, backs and faces of people I love".

"It's important to me that it never feels like something I have to do, rather something that lets me feel free. And I am so grateful that it continues to give me freedom."

The collection ranges from photos taken by Philippa in 2018-2022. She loves to photograph family, friends and strangers. It is very important to her to capture each individual in their truest form and what feels most authentic to who they are.