Wall of Art x Heja Livet: Hysteria by Amanda Gylling

An exclusive collaboration with Heja Livet Hysteria and the photographer Amanda Gylling

June 15, 2024

Heja Livet was born in 2014 out of curiosity to see what happens when we gather women in a common room. With values rooted in sisterhood, trust and openness, Heja Livet engages and creates a context for women.
Heja Livet wants to raise still taboo women's issues and draw attention to women's health in a modern, respectful and curious way. By breaking norms, breaking taboos and praising it and those who make a difference today, they can inspire, illuminate and enlighten. This spring, it is through a collaboration with photographer Amanda Gylling that we shed light on women's health through her imaginative gaze.

Amanda - this creative genius is both a director and a photographer who is drawn to the analog expression. With her sensitivity, imagination and humor, you are sucked directly into her quirky world, which at the same time speaks of a maturity and total understanding to tell a story. We asked Amanda some questions about inspiration, having balance and being hysterical!

Hi Amanda! Where do you find inspiration?
From the Riviera in the fifties to dancing, to the aunt on the subway. But would say that color and shape are consistent.

You have an imaginative playfulness in your expression, where does it come from?
Has a penchant for madness and the cinematic. You have to tease the eye a little for it to be fun, I think.

"That it's so damn nice to get older."

Your photos also have a strong and vulnerable feeling, do you think it's easy to have that balance yourself?
Balance is generally among the most difficult things there is, and I think you have to let go of the pressure on yourself that everything should be in perfect balance throughout the time. It can be skewed in different directions, so you can only do the best you can based on that.

Do you remember what insights came from being a girl to becoming a woman?
That it's so damn nice to get older.

Are you hysterical? Do you see it as something good or bad?
100%!!! Bad because it can be shitty to be me and get quite expensive with all the therapy in the long run, good because I can farm with other hysterical women and they are so hysterically fun to be with!