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Wall of Art x Heja Livet by Beata Cervin

We have had the honor of collaborating with Heja Livet, which is a network based solely on women, a platform that dares to dig, dive deep into the taboo, lift the beautiful and create a connection between women. Together with photographer Beata Cervin, they developed a limited collection that symbolizes women and their health.


Heja Livet is a social network and community focusing on mental health, personal finances, women’s issues, equality, environment, psychology and more. Basically everything between heaven and earth, which concern the everyday life of everyone who identifies as a woman. Heja Livet breaks taboos and cares for a healthy climate between women; from a personal angle to the larger society. With values rooted in sisterhood, security and openness, Heja Livet engages and creates a permissive context for women.





The woman’s body and its many challenges have always been given low priority, if any at all. PMS, menstruation, lust and pleasure, childbirth and the sacred vagina. All of these issues have been, and still are to some extent, taboo and many women live in silence with pain and shame. Once upon a time, ”Hysteria” was a common medical diagnosis for women. The symptoms, or what was referred to as ”mental disorder”, where horniness, nervousness, sweating, irritation and ”hysterical paroxysm” (orgasms). Hence the name hysterics for ”affected women”.

We want to change history. Heja Livet therefore opens up to dialogue and meetings on the issues by putting the spotlight straight on the taboo, sometimes uncomfortable, but so obvious and self-evident. With this collection by Beata Cervin, anyone can invite hysteria to their home with a large portion of warmth and humor.


Beata Cervin is a photographer, both professionally and as a person. Imagery and the process around a motif is her greatest interest, drive and what makes her a happy person.

”My attention is drawn to everything colorful, people, environments, objects and that is also how I would describe my style. Together with Heja Livet, I’ve created four photographs, all symbolizing women and their health. I’ve done it my way, with the help of strong colors, strong women and a touch of humor."

Styling by Heja Livet