Caroline Lundqvist

Ever since I was little, Ive been messing around with glitter, glue, clay and colors. Twelve years ago, I was completely taken by the beauty and fragility of Oysters, which led me to start depicting them in watercolor. I think I have an eye for noticing beauty in things otherwise overlooked. To take a moment of pause, capture the moment and feel it, the same way I did the first time I held an Oyster in my hand. The time stops for a few seconds, I see all its details, this sensual sea creature laying in a bed of crystal pearl colors. The inside so very fragile and beautiful, while the outside is rough and hard. The shell is difficult to penetrate, which protects the inside, either consciously or unconsciously. That kind of contrast fascinates me. In some ways I think they are much like us. Within a hard ‘shell’ we sometimes hide our ‘inner child’, our sensual being and our most vulnerable parts. I believe the reason that we want to hide this part is because we’re afraid of not being accepted for who we are, afraid of being hurt or misunderstood. Two different sides of us forced to live together, thats something I think many people can relate to.  I want to share what I perceive and feel. And in turn show you the beauty I see and feel around me.

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