Selected art prints by Charlène Sery

Charlène comes from the Ivory Coast, grew up in Italy and has lived in Berlin for almost six years. She was previously active in the fashion industry but today runs an ice cream parlor with her husband. Charlènes home is her happy and safe place. The place where she hides me when she breaks down, the place where the best memories are created, the place where she is happy to be back from a trip. Discover her favorites that she has chosen to decorate her home with!

10 Prints
Lisa Wirenfelt Luftballong Poster


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Taking a Fruit Saulo

Taking a Fruit

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Saulo - Fish Family - KIDS Print

Fish family

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Kajsa Hagelin ABC Poster


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Jennie Petersen Flower vase - Art print

Flower vase

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Silhouette of a vase Poster - Studio Paradissi

Silhouette of a vase

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Hanna KL - Tittut II

Tittut II

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Annika Hultgren - Tre muntra gullisar

Tre muntra gullisar

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SoHo Julia Hallström Hjort


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