Henrietta Fromholtz - Artist - Collection
Henrietta Fromholtz - Artist - Collection

Henrietta Fromholtz

Henrietta started painting during a tougher time in her life when most of what went through her head were thoughts of hunger and control. The anxiety took over and ruled her life, but the best moment of the week could not be taken away from her. The small pad for notes was filled with faces, hands and bodies in marker. Painting on small papers on the train, at the dinner table or at bedtime was undemanding and anxiety-relieving. Painting became a big part of her life, which today is a healthy and happy life. Henrietta's paintings are what she herself wants to have on the wall. Sometimes it's a feeling, sometimes something beautiful she's seen and wants to remember, and not infrequently it's patterns and colors she just has to have in the living room.

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