Kristina Suvorova

I am a Lithuanian artist who lives and works in Frankfurt / Berlin. I’m originally from the small town of Rietavas in Lithuania. I moved to Denmark in 2009 where I studied at a Danish folk high school. My creative side ranges from illustration to art, video, collage, installations, poetry, sculpture, art books, animation and murals. That and classical literature have always had a great impact on my art. Nature has also given and gives me a lot of inspiration. In my world, things and beings get a life of their own. Quite often I mix the paradoxical in humans with the tranquility of animals. Over the years, the eye has become a symbol and almost a hallmark of my artwork. I am an observer who has great respect for small things and the beauty of the present. So my art is a large collection of poetic symbols and these moments. I want to encourage others to listen to themselves, to their own inner world. What you feel is important.

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