Mimmi Montán - Artist - Collection
Mimmi Montán - Artist - Collection

Mimmi Montán

Mimmi Montán grew up in a small fishing village in Sweden. The restlessness hit her early in life and she became eager to leave the place she came from. At the age of 18 she moved to London and two years later she moved once again to Toronto, Canada, where she lived for many years before returning to Sweden. Montán comes from a family of artists and was always encouraged to create art both process driven and conceptual. This encouragement led her to photography, a medium in which she worked in for 11 years. Although Mimmi always painted, it was something that she thought of more for her eyes only. Eventually, painting seemed to her a natural progression from her photography and she gave into it completely. In her abstract but straightforward way, she wants the layers of color to be an invitation to her nostalgic, unrooted world. Mimmi's paintings represent the empty rooms she has stayed in and people she has met along the way but also the female body and the nature where she is from.

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