Behind the wall


According to her instagram, Matilda is a creative soul who drinks champagne. She is usually told that she has an eye for detail, is rarely described as short, loves to soak up the sun, the girl who always makes sure that there is fruit on hand in the office and who would never think of taking a winter bath. Matilda was determined, after setting foot in the office for the first time, that she would sit there one day. Six months later, she now goes under the title content producer. Meet her here.

Matilda, we here in the office know you by now. We believe in any case, but we would like to know more and I think there are more who are also curious! Tell who you are!
First of all, is there anything more difficult than describing or talking about oneself? What should be so simple. But yes, my name is Matilda aka "Snacks master". The later after having full responsibility that no blood sugar should fall to the bottom there around 3 o'clock. In my desk drawer you will find everything from raisins to rice cakes. I am originally from Skåne and have lived my last years in Malmö, just moved to the capital. I'm a horse girl in my blood but put that career on the shelf when instagram appeared on the news and hashtags and cool filters were all that everyone talked about. I am passionate about everything that is beautiful and never walk more than two meters from my phone so as not to risk missing a nice angle that is well worth shooting. I eat everything except Kalles caviar, prefer more entrees than a main course and drink bubbly with everything. I rarely dress in anything other than black and I prefer to dance to techno. In Ibiza.


What is your role at Wall of Art?
My task is to keep track of the latest trends, fill our social channels with interesting and valuable material, plan shootings and help develop campaigns and concepts, write articles and contact fun people for different types of collaborations. In the future, I will also start recording some of our own material, which feels super fun. In my opinion, I have the most fun role at work, hahah! No, but it is an enormous gratitude to be able to work with what I am passionate about, or what my heart beats for. It's also cool to get the confidence I get from Annika and Nicklas to just do my thing.

What did you dream of becoming when you were little?
Unfortunately, I do not think that I am very unique in that desire, except that most people wanted to become dolphin keepers, veterinarians, doctors and elite riders. A little further up in age, I thankfully found my creative vein and then gradually began to dream of becoming a photographer, graphic designer and project manager. Somewhere I'm a little in the middle of all that today.


How would you describe your home?
In three words. An ongoing process. It's like never finished and once it's done I want to redo. I chose to completely renovate the apartment in Malmö and it took some time, when the project was "finished" I wanted to start again. I still want that. Gets a little stressed about having to decide on a style or a look. A while ago I read something that really described my feeling. "I do not want anything to be ready or finished. Because then it is the result of how it turned out, and so I have to have it that way." This is exactly how it is, then it is much nicer that there is always a small project going on that is done every two weeks. But if I were to describe my home anyway, it would probably be quite Scandinavian with personal elements. Fun right?

How do you see the future?
Yes, I think I've stopped thinking a lot about the future. A lot of unnecessary energy is put into planning and trying to interpret what is going to happen. We have all learned because of the past year that no matter where we are and who we are, it is impossible to know what something will be like. But after all, I am very positive for the future. I have the best job in the world, I have the most magical friends in the world and soon I will have antibodies too.


Do you have any favorite motifs at WOA?
Far too many, would have needed an entire house to bring in all the motifs I like. But the top three are "Embrace" by Hanna Peterson, "Wine Meal" by Lucrecia Rey Caro and "Also Paris" by Sandra Blomén Maschinsky. I can also annoy you by telling you that soon there will be a whole bunch of absolutely incredible motives, so keep your eyes and ears open.

Mention three things no one knows about you!
Sometimes I watch TV without any sound because it is very nice, I do not like to drink from a glass but much rather from a water carafe and I sometimes use hand cream in my hair.


Do you have any hidden talent?
I'm a master at throwing together a dinner out of nothing.

What are you dreaming about?
Both difficult and easy question. Right now I dream of a giant summer party with barefoot feet that really hurt there at half past five in the morning and you giggle swaying home in the morning light. Also dreaming of sitting on a plane very far away, like when we talked about moving the whole office to Costa Rica next winter and working from there instead. The advantage of having a digital and mobile job, and good colleagues.