Behind the wall

Möt Soraya Hassan

The office knows her as Soraya, but dear children have many names and according to a reliable source, Soraya has over 30 nicknames. Soyan, Sosso and Sorken among others. A big compliment to her who manages to remember everyone. In addition to a good memory, there is a great, with the name of great, love for meme accounts and internet phenomena. Everyone has heard the story of "Gorilla Glue Girl"? Right? Last but not least, Soraya is a star when it comes to digital customer journeys, if you want a  good customer experience then there is only one person to choose from. Meet her here.

For those who do not know you at all, tell us who you are!
My name is Soraya and I grew up here in Stockholm. I love to travel, go to festivals, eat nice dinners and watch beautiful things. I also love to be out in nature, invent fun adventures and eat pastries! After studying at Hyper Island and working at an agency as a digital strategist, I started working at here at Wall of Art!

What is your role at Wall of Art?
My role is called Digital Coordinator. I work with helping our customers in different ways and other things that have to do with the digital experience at Wall of Art. I like to delve into how people experience a brand and then come up with ideas on how we can make their customer journey and experience even better. That I have direct contact with our customers is really valuable in order to better understand what they appreciate from us! Then I think it's so much fun to work in a small team like we are, where everyone gets to do a little bit of everything, so I do not feel stuck in a role, every day looks very different anyway!


Even when we work with different areas at WOA, I still get the feeling that you are creative, is that right?
Yes, it is super important for me to have time for creativity in my life, both privately and in work life. At home I make sculptures where I experiment with different materials and shapes, so the process can determine a bit what the result will be. It is my favorite way to work, when things are not so predetermined and it becomes as it becomes. But most of the time, or always if I think about it, the idea phase is my favorite part of it all. Everything seems much more fun, nicer, cooler, etc. in my imagination than the end result itself haha.

What is the best thing about working at WOA?
I'm actually so impressed with how this small business has grown so fast from the beginning and managed to do so much. To now be one of the first employees (together with Matilda) and be part of that journey feels so much fun! Being able to work with art and lift rising artists is also clearly among the best.


What did you dream of becoming when you were little?
Until I was about 6 years old, I wanted to become a doctor 100%. But when I got a little older, that dream turned into a gardener or baker. Never came close to any of those professions except when I worked extra at a café and had to jump in and help in the bakery to cut up dough for cookies into equal pieces. Now that I have grown up, life has led me to want to work with combining tech, data and design, which has made me interested in working with, among other things, UX, which I will do here at WoA!

How would you describe your home?
I'm moving in a few days, so my home is currently described only by moving chaos. But the new apartment where I move with my boyfriend I want to be social, like an open house for friends to come and hang out and drink wine. Fun things are going to happen there, I think, and it's going to be so much fun to decorate new! Have sold or donated a lot of things I want to exchange. Hopefully the new apartment will be the opposite of how our current apartment felt in 2020.


How do you see the future?
For WoA, I think we will of course continue to grow, bring in more artists and be established in more countries outside of Sweden. I'm so excited about the projects we have planned! The future in general I have no idea, you can not guess at anything anymore. It's sick to think about how many things you normalized that you a year ago thought were completely impossible. But hopefully we will soon come out of the chaos that the world has ended up in the past year and move towards something better!

Do you have any favorite motifs at WOA?
There is so manu beuatiful art prints but for the new apartment I am thinking of putting up Blue ice love, Geometrical shapes no2, Formation01, Morning gossip, The bar, Oivi no7 and Bauhaus Dessau 01.

And last but not least, do you have the best colleagues and managers in the world?
YES, without a doubt!