Creative talk

Estelle Graf

One of our fantastic creators, Estelle lives today in Stockholm but has also worked and studied in Paris and New York. For as long as she can remember, Estelle has expressed herself through art and form in all possible ways. Creation has served as a way to channel thoughts and feelings. Her latest collection, which has received a great deal of attention, takes place in Stockholm.

Tell us about your art, when did it start?
I have expressed myself through different art forms for as long as I can remember, however, it took a long time before I managed to convince myself that painting could be something other than a fun-filled hobby. Today, creation is what occupies almost all of my waking time, but I still move between different expressions and techniques. I find it exciting when different crafts / expressions meet. For example, I notice when I write that I often take my starting point in something I have painted - or vice versa.

Your art has not always looked the same? Right?
No its true. What has been significant over the years, however, has been that I almost always worked with satire. The tone of the works is the same but takes shape in slightly different ways - which of course means that the viewer perceives them differently. I often have very intense periods where I create motifs that grows from the same idea - then it goes fast and a lot happens at once. It is then always followed by the fact that I almost dislike what I have done and I have to start something new. Can feel a bit like waking up with a hangover and regretting everything.


Your latest collection takes place in classic places in Stockholm, where and how was the idea hatched?
As I said, most of what I create is satire and so are my fables in Stockholm environments. I think there's something comical about the whole phenomenon of being human, and maybe we're more fun to portray in some neighborhoods than others. Then it is thankful to use an animal head to capture a character.

In short, I think that the artificial methods we have developed to disguise our heritage are both touching and quirky. There is something tickling in the thought that we are all just pigs and frogs that have developed sophisticated manners.


Does your art reflect your personality?
Absolutely. It's probably inevitable. :)


What did you dream of becoming when you were little?
First dreamed of becoming a singer - which I thankfully never tried. After that I wanted to become an artist, writer or actor (obviously had a grandiose self-image). Just kidding, I always knew I wanted to work creatively. Partly because I am drawn to it but also because everything else had become a disaster.


Mention three things no one knows about you!
I can yodel very well, have a phobia of wearing denim and always have holes in my tights.

5 quick answers…
Dancing or stand aside? - Dance
Movie or series? - Film
Christmas Eve or Midsummer? - Christmas Eve
Dinner outside or at home? - Out
Story or feed? - Both