Creative talk 

Isabel Leal Bergstrand


Isabel is an illustrator, artist and pattern designer and is educated at Beckman's Design College, the program for visual communication. She works colorfully and by hand, especially with felt-tip pens and each part of a motif is created separately, almost like rock dolls. Isabel likes smart solutions and prefers her illustrations to be interesting, sometimes fun and meaningful. Inspired by fashion, animals and plants, geometric shapes and colors, she creates art that makes one want to stop and look more. Meet Isabel here.


Isabel, how are you today?
I feel great. I just received a work scholarship from the Artists' Committee and I feel incredibly excited and happy about it!

Describe a perfect day for you...
Either a day off with my children, where we might go to Skansen and do fun things together. Or a nice day in the studio, with an exciting project in front of me and good flow in my drawings.


"Drawing by hand is something I really enjoy."

How would you describe yourself?
Happy, energetic and sincere.

When you talked about the process of creating your art, I was thrown back to childhood and rock dolls. Tell us more about your approach!
I almost always make my pictures in parts. I draw the separate parts and then I put them together. Either by hand or on the computer. I think it's a smooth and fun way to work. A bit like a collage. I do this to gain greater control over the image, to be able to replace parts that feel wrong. Since I draw with felt-tip pens, I can not erase if something does not turn out the way I want. It also allows me to test different colors and looks of, for example, a flower. Of course, all that stuff can be made easy if I only worked digitally. But drawing by hand is really something I enjoy.


Your art contains a lot of color. Is it easier for you to express yourself with a lot of colors?
Yes it is. I want my art to be playful, not always in the theme of the pictures, but the approach. It must not be too "good" and "nice" but must feel right. It does when I have a lot of color. The image feels complete when both shape and color interact. More is more.

Why do you think it was just an artist who became your path?
I went to image and form in high school and wanted to go to art school after that. Drawing has been what I think is most fun in my whole life. A "regular" job has never attracted me. But of course it has not always felt obvious. It's a tough industry, but I've never regretted it.


"A giant wall! Or maybe to turn my pictures into an object, like a rug."


What do you think about the future?
I have been on parental leave for the past few years and I look forward to more time for art and image creation. Hopefully the colorful trend I see a lot now will continue. It's fun both for me as a creator at work and as a private person who can walk around the city and swim in colorful design.

What would be your dream project?
A giant wall! Or maybe to turn my pictures into an object, such as a rug.

What scares you?
Uncertainty, unsympathetic people

What do you long for?
More time for creation and more balance between work and family life.