Hello home, Alice M. Huynh

Alice lives in Berlin since her graduation from Fashion School. She works as a Content Creator, travel & food photographer and blogger. She LOVES food and right now she can't live without steamed broken jasmine rice. She describes her home as a cozy playground and more or less always carry her heart with her. At least in her heart. Meet her now..

Hey Alice, how are you today?
I’m doing really good despite the little after-travel-blues ;)

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m Alice and I work as Content Creator, travel & food photographer and blogger! I wear 99% all black all the time, I’m a Virgo, sarcastic and when I say I love food, I mean L-O-V- E!

"Luckily I changed my mind and Berlin is now home, or rather ‚Heimat‘ as you say in Germany"

What made you move to Berlin?
I needed to get out of Munich after graduating from fashion school. It was a chapter in my life that ended and I always wanted to live in Berlin. At the beginning it was more of an in- between stop before thinking of moving somewhere abroad. Luckily I changed my mind and Berlin is now home, or rather ‚Heimat‘ as you say in Germany.

How does a perfect day in the city look like for you?
It’s start with plenty of sleep, a good flat white with oat milk, dim sum for brunch, snacks in-between and finally ends with Korean BBQ, porkbelly, loads of kimchi, drinks and karaoke with good friends.

You have been travelling the last weeks, have you found any inspiration for your apartment on this trip?

Plenty! Since I just came back from Mexico, I brought back lots of artisanal souvenirs, from ceramics, vases, to straw figurines, paintings and books. Whenever I look at all my souvenirs and nicknacks from around the globe, I feel joy and those little memories work like little mood lifters during my day to day life.

You are also very much into cooking, can you tell us when and how this passion of yours started?
I’m rather into eating that cooking haha :) My parents and many relatives own restaurants, therefore the kitchen or the restaurant itself was always a playground I was used to. Food is also a very important part of my ethnic background. It’s not only something that gives you energy, it nourishes your soul, heals heartbreaks, unite people and means home.

What is your favourite dish at the moment?
Don’t make me choose between Taco Carnitas, Wonton in Chili-oil, Tagliatelle al Ragu and Gemüsedöner!

How would you describe your interior style?
It’s all I ever wanted as a kid: a cozy playground mixed with a museums shop, a department store & a library. It’s whimsical, nostalgic, playful and homey.

Name three things that you cannot live without.
teamed broken jasmine rice, charcoal roasted porkrib & Nước chấm (vietnamese fish dipping sauce)

And last but not least: what does home mean to you?
Home is a place that is created within. So wherever I go, no matter how far or unknown, I can always feel home because I carry it in me. The only difference is, that friends, family, your own bed and some colorful nicknacks make a home a little bit more cozy. But why choose, when you can have it both?

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