Hello home, Gesina Demes

Gesina lives in the middle of central Berlin. Describes herself as fun, positive and creative and finds inspiration in everything around her. When asked what is the best tip for a better self-esteem, she answers that there are no good tips, it is rather a journey. She always carry her analog camera with her. Meet her here.

Dear Gesina, how are you?
A question I ask myself every morning and that I force myself to be honest about. But to be honest: I am great. Feeling good dominates my 2022.

"I am an extrovert. Not even an introverted extrovert."

Please tell us a little bit about yourself!
Okay let’s go: I am Gesina, 27, living in Berlin and I find this question quite hard to answer as I am just getting to know myself really. Butttt I guess I can start with the things I do and the things I care about. So: I am spending quite some time on the phone, both: for a living as I am working in Social Media but also as a content creator. When I am not absorbed in the digital world all I care about is spending time with my friends. I am an extrovert. Not even an introverted extrovert. I can’t stand being by myself which doesn't mean that I don't like myself. I think I am great. But I am even better when I am surrounded by the people I love. Doesn't matter if it's trips to the countryside (which I need every once in a while to recover from busy Berlin) or just going for strolls without a destination, just to drink coffee and talk and drink another coffee and talk.

What do you love most about yourself?
Ha. I think I am fun, positive, pretty hilarious, creative if I have the mental capacity. I also love to see my own journey and from not being able to answer this question to exactly knowing how to respond to it.

How do you think your friends would describe you?
Same as I describe myself? I hope?

"I dream about a world without ego."

Where do you find inspiration?
By just looking around me with a clear mind. I can find something in anything really. It’s easier to tell you where I don’t find it: And that’s basically just when I am stressed, anxious, worried about past or future. And yes, that happenes.

And what do you dream about?
I dream about a world without ego. A world without judgement. A world where one can just accept oneself and the people around us. And I am pretty sure that this is wishful thinking because even I catch myself judging, being egoic, seeking approval from others because I cannot find it in myself. But all of that is okay - as long as we are aware of it and try our best.

Which of your interior pieces are you the most proud of? And why?
The Lavalamp my dad gave me for christmas. And obviously my ergonomic & fun chair. Yes you heard it right - it’s not just there to look cute, IT'S GOOD FOR MY BACK. Ohja and I love the floor. Makes every room pretty, really.

What do you always carry with you?
My analogue camera. #35mm (lol)

One tip for more self-acceptance?
Quite a heavy one but let me try it:
There’s not a single tip that I can give because it’s a journey. Mine started when I realised that 1. I’m not on this planet to please others and 2. I need to change my definition of beautiful which used to be: being skinny & picture perfect. Because I quite quickly found that being a size 0 for me comes with a cost. The cost meaning: physical and emotional suffering. I also discovered that the people who really cared about me didn't give a flying f*** about my appearance and stretch marks and cellulite and…People sometimes think that acceptance means stagnation. That it’s just a lazy excuse for not trying hard enough. But acceptance to me doesn't exclude change. It just means that if you are healthy - you are perfect, the way you are (and soft and bumpy and uneven doesn’t equal unhealthy)

Top 3 places in Berlin for summer days?
Picnic or Barbecue at Tempelhofer Feld.Sundown with a beer on top of the Kreuzberg (Victoriapark)Escaping the city to go to a nearby lake in Brandenburg (won’t specify because they are already too crowded heheh)