Hello home, Leni Rabbel

Leni is a model and founder of a small business for sustainable swimwear called Licious Oceanwear. Leni draws inspiration for her apartment from old movies, friends, exhibitions, and Pinterest. Home, for Leni, is more a state of mind than a place, and it's where she feels safe with the people she loves. Maybe you recognize Leni, she’s the model and muse in some of the photos taken by Vanellimelli that can be found on our site. Meet her in a personal interview.

März 13, 2023

Photo by Marie Staggat

Leni, how are you today?
Goodish. Holding up as everyone around me seems to get sick again - I hope you’re ok <3

"I was never never a minimalist girl and I am finally excepting it and I want to continue to make my apartment a place full of memories"

Tell us about your time in Capetown.
It was great to escape the Berlin winter and spend some time in the sun. Capetown is amazing: great food, a lot of inspiring people and just insane landscapes. On the other hand the city is shaped by poverty and systemic racism  - I think you should be very aware of this and try to do your part.

You have not been living in Berlin for a long time. Where did you find the inspiration for your new apartment?
I’ve been in Berlin since 2017 but this is the first apartment I really feel at home. My inspiration comes from old movies, friends, exhibitions I see and of course Pinterest. I was never never a minimalist girl and I am finally excepting it and I want to continue to make my apartment a place full of memories.

And what do you like the most about Berlin?
I love that everything is availalable at all times: food, art, parties, cigarettes. Its the only city in Germany that has this feeling and I love to be a part of it.

Can you name your three favourite places in the city.
I am gonna sound very basic:

- Antipasti and drinks at Maybach Ufer in Summer

- Escaping the big city madness with a walk through Grunewald.

- My home. I love to be alone from time to time and its a place where I spend a lot of my days, so it has to feel like a Refugium.

Besides being a model, you have also founded a small business for sustainable swimwear. Tell us a little bit about that and how an average day for you looks like.
As a seaside girl I have always been obsessed with bikinis - so the idea of licious oceanwear came kinda naturally. Being just as astrology obsessed as every other girl the zodiac charms seemed like a nice extra. To produce sustainable was never in question, I feel like it should be normal by now - we do not say we are perfect, but we are trying our best .My days are never the same. One day I am on set or doing castings, the next I am packing orders and talking to producers. Sometimes its hard to handle everything all at once and I get overwhelmed - but on the other hand I love that I face new challenges everyday.

How does a perfect day look like for you?
Spending the whole day at the beach with a good book, than dinner with friends (pasta would be a favorite).

Can you describe what home feels like for you?
It’s more a state of mind than a place. It’s people that I feel safe with. Even on vacation I tend to say „let’s go home“ before saying „lets go to the hotel“. May sound pathetic, but its the love that makes it home <3