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Maya Jolina 

Maya lives in the middle of Berlin and is studying to be an interior designer. Outside of school, she daydreams about travel, finds inspiration in food and sour drinks, updates her instagram and does model assignments. Her cognac-colored sofa has a large place in both the home and the heart, and Maya reveals that she has found many of her vintage finds on the streets of Berlin. Meet her here.



Maya, How are you today?
I’m feeling great actually, thank you! I just recovered from Covid and check off many tasks in my quarantine, which makes me feel much lighter!

Please tell us a bit about yourself!
I’m Maya Jolina Lu Wicht, 24 years old and born and raised in Berlin, Germany. I am currently studying Interior Design/Architecture but also freelancing as model, actress and blogger. I am a total romantic daydreamer- If I am not dreaming I get inspired by amazing food, beautiful places abroad, designs, art and sour drinks. I used to travel a lot: that's where I got my love for Interior Design from, after my studies this year, I will definitely find my way back to Australia.


You recently moved in to your apartment, what was the first thing you did when you received the keys?
To be honest, first thing was doing an IGTV of the empty flat for @mayajolina. After that I started drawing a floorpan and integrated my ideas for the space. The whole process of designing and moving took my almost over 4 month- but I always trust in the process- nothing looks perfect right away.

What does home mean to you?
Super difficult question, since in the first place I’d say „Home is where my loved once are“ but I’m also a type of person, who could feel home abroad in a tiny flat as long as I have me and my goals in sight...


What’s your favorite piece in your home?
Probably my cognac leather couch- she is so cozy, huge and luxurious. But also my mid-century highboard, which I actually found online for free!
Fun fact: many vintage pieces in my apartment I found on the streets in Berlin. Berlin-Kreuzberg is a treasure trove when it comes to finding stuff on the streets!

Name three things you can’t live without!
First things first, my coffee machine- I am a total coffee-addict nothing works without my double shot oat milk cappuccino in the morning!
Plants, plants, plants!
Beautiful empowering Art on the wall!


What are you looking forward to?
I can not wait for the time after my bachelor of arts. Design or Model jobs here and there, traveling a lot and having the freedom to be spontaneous!

What’s your best dinner?
My Truffle risotto is amazing, trust me!
But a good salad with burrata buffalo and Sharon-fruit is my current favorite dinner for the season.


Name your best go-to places in Berlin!
- C/O Berlin, for amazing photography exhibitions
- XXX Ramen, for dinner
- Voo Store, for shopping
- Have a look at the Aesop & L:a Bruket stores- the interior design is amazing
- "Mies van der Rohe House Berlin"- for architecture and design fans