Hello Home 

Miriam Seixas

Miriam is a true colour lover who lives in Hamburg, but also in Porto. She works within the cultural scene and thriving to inspire people to live more colourful. She finds her home a place where she can rest, a haven of peace she says. Meet her in her beautiful home and learn more about what inspires her and her favourite places in Hamburg. 


Dear Miriam! How lovely to meet you and exciting to have you with us!
Thank you so much Matilda! Nice chatting with you.

Without putting to much time scrolling through your instagram it’s hard to miss that you’re into beautiful colors! Super inspiring! Please tell me more about yourself!
I'm Miriam aka @Frau.Kieselstein on Instagram and I live in Hamburg and the Porto region with my Portuguese husband Pedro. We are both creatives, my husband is a photographer and I work in the Hamburg cultural scene. I love nothing more than to inspire others with my worlds of colour and encouraging them to live more colourful.
largeYour home is, as I said, a lovely colorbomb! Where do you find your inspiration?
In fact, I've always lived quite colourful, it's just me. And I find my inspiration just everywhere - I look at my surroundings quite carefully, so really anything can inspire me. Whether it's the outfit of a woman sitting opposite me on the bus or random objects placed on the dining table that make a great colour combination.
As a child, I had already an unusually good colour sense and could remember the individual hues. Even today, I remember some experiences on the basis of certain colours or colour combinations.

What does your home mean to you?
It's where I come to rest, where I retreat and relax or develop new ideas. Since my life is otherwise very fast and unsteady and everything is always on the move, my home is my haven of peace, the only constant I need. During Corona even more than before.
largeWhat’s your best tips when working with a lot of colors?
I use a lot of colours in my home, but they follow a clear concept. There are usually only two or three main colours per room. And here I am really strict and stick to the colour concept so that it doesn't become too colourful.
left_50Do you have a favorite place in your home and why?
I have many favourite places in our two so different homes.
And it always depends on the need that shall be fulfilled. The best place for me to retreat is our bedroom in Hamburg, where the bed is directly under the window in the sloping roof and almost resembles a ship's berth. My favourite reading corner in Portugal is our conservatory, it is flooded with sunlight and when the window is open you can hear the seagulls screeching and the Atlantic roaring. 
The most creative and inspiring place in Hamburg for me at the moment is our living room. I love the light pastel shades, the new Gallery Wall above the sofa and our dark green ceiling as a strong contrast.
largeDo you have a dream project?
Yes, my dream project is to design the exterior of our Portuguese home. We have a patio there, but it is in great need of renovation. My dream is to turn it into a green oasis with a fireplace and a vertical garden, but that will take time.

Tell us three things about yourself that no-one really knows!
I am very interested in restoration and as a student I lovingly refurbished several pieces of flea market furniture myself. My first kitchen table from 1880, for example.
Apart from that, I love living in new places and have therefore moved around a lot in my life. Hamburg is also just a stopover; we would like to move abroad again in two years.
By the way, Seixas translates as Pebble - that's where my name comes from on Instagram.
right_50Do you have like a role-model or a style icon?
No, not really a role model. But of course I like to be influenced - I'm fascinated by the formal language of the Bauhaus and even back then I really liked the bright colour palette of Scholten & Baijings.
right_50Do you have any favorite shops, bars and restaurants in Hamburg that you could share with us?
I like to change my clothing style often, but rarely buy new for sustainability reasons. A real mecca for me is therefore Hamburg's biggest flea market, the Flohschanze, in the middle of the alternative part of Hamburg, called Schanzenviertel.
I love Vietnamese food - the best summer rolls are at the Flying Market just around the corner from our home.
One of my favourite shops for decoration and beautiful stationery is the Human Empire Shop.
And my favourite place to have an evening beer in the summer is the Altonaer Balkon, an elevated park with a view over the Elbe and the harbour.
largeWhat does an ideal Saturday look like for you?
Definitely sleeping long, then eating a mountain of pancakes with fruit and maple syrup and drinking lots of coffee, then cycling to the flea market or the Elbe when the weather is good. In the evening, meeting friends for a beer or cook together.
In Portugal it would be actually quite similar, except that here we would spend the day at the beach and in the evening we would rather go out for dinner together somewhere in the old part of Porto.