Wall of Art

Ny konstnär, Melanie Wehrli

Dear Melanie, please tell us a little about yourself!
Hello! I am from Mauritius island, where I lived until I was eighteen years old. I left home to study Fashion design in Melbourne, as I fell in love with the city on a holiday some months earlier. Mom and dad understood that I needed to fly on my own and do what my feelings were drawn to. While studying I of course started working, to pay my bills and rent. At the end of my studies I continued working in hospitality and started my sustainable swimwear label on the side. When I moved to Berlin in 2015 I continued to produce my swimwear label and started working as a cook. Here I got introduced to yoga and started my journey to reflect on how to live and consume sustainably. The city really allows us to design our unique lifestyle.it is something I was missing back home as I always wanted to do things differently. Having a career made of a thousand different jobs, why not? Being single, why not? Having different sexual oriantation why not? Working four days a week? Why not? Seeing a therapist? Why not? Having a baby with your best friend? Why not? I just want to feel and follow my feelings. Do things that are good for myself.

"Home can be a land, a tent, a boat, a tree, a van and an apartment…"

What does home mean to you?
Home is my sanctuary, a place where I feel comfortable, I can recharge and create a type of routine.I will always call my apartment my home. When I was gone for weeks camping at a festival I would call my tent “my home”. Berlin is my home, Mauritius is my home and Australia is my home too. Home can be a land, a tent, a boat, a tree, a van, and an apartment…

How would you describe your aesthetic?
Balanced, bold and simple.

Where do you prefer to stay: here or in the countryside?
I like both just as much at the moment. I enjoy the beauty of nature and the tranquility in the countryside. I get to this moment of bliss. In the city right now, it is just magic to finally see the trees blooming, the shining sun, the warmth and the excitement of each of us sensing the arrival of summer. Lake times, picnic and natural wine. Perhaps in the future I would prefer to be closer to nature on an everyday basis. The dream would be to start each day swimming in natural water.

Where do you you like to spend the upcoming summer days?
This summer I would like to visit Majorca, the artisans and food producers. So I can slowly start building my dream life.

You are also a chef, how do you combine food and art?
Creating a taste is art, creating a plate choosing the right colors and textures is art, choosing the right ingredient, politically is art. Art makes you feel.

What do you love most about being a chef?
Making people happy.

And what do you love most about being an artist?
Creating beauty in my alone relaxing time which makes me and people feel good.

Where do you find inspiration for both professions? How does it differ?
Inspiration from food comes from memories, past, food, book, studies, imagination, seasons, cultures. Inspiration from paintings comes from my inner child, my intuitivity and things that I see beautiful around me and colours.

Do you have any hidden talents?
Haha, I feel that I am a great swimmer, dancer, photographer… anything I can be present and love into. If I trained, I am sure that I could be a great singer, haha!

What makes you hopeful about the future?
The sensitivity and awareness of the new generation.