New artist, Niklas Apfel

In his work Niklas Apfel likes to experiment a lot and loves it when something happens randomly or supposedly unconsciously. See him at work in his Berlin studio.

The Berlin-based artist was born and raised in this city. "Having grown up in such a big city, I have always been exposed to many impressions. many visual impressions that have inspired and sometimes overwhelmed me and still do. I personally believe that these impressions have led to my loud, colorful, strong visual language."

"[...] That's how I find the details that would otherwise have remained hidden.

Apfel works in the fields of graphic design, painting and video art. "for me it is very important to work interdisciplinary and thus benefit from different approaches." In the diandi series Apfel combines his illustration work with painting. With the help of a technical device, the scanner, he transforms the illustrations into almost formless digital graphic paintings.

For the collaboration with Wall of Art I have chosen five works from my diandi series. In my diandi series I work in different phases. First, I draw digital images. After I print them out, I scan them and digitize them again. In the process, I've found through much experimentation that certain movement patterns in the scanning process produce interesting results. Then I begin the search for clues by zooming in on the images. That's how I find the details that would otherwise have remained hidden.