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Color has started to take up more and more space in our homes and we see that the color trend is here to stay. Mix and match to create inspiring color combinations in your home. An easy and quick way to update your home is to decorate the walls with colorful posters from Wall of Art.

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Kalle Lindeman Wille Larsson 125 OH NO Print

125 OH NO

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Rutig Black Katherine Plumb

Rutig Black

From €29
Rutig Katherine Plumb


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How Long Is To Long Adèle Tornberg

How Long Is Too Long

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Syren Sandra Blomén Maschinsky


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Kalle Lindeman Wille Larsson 124 OH NO Print

124 OH NO

From €35
Marche aux fruits Marta Leyva

Marche aux fruits

Jana Marei Being Soft - Art Print Poster

Being soft

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Kalle Lindeman Wille Larsson 123 OH NO Print

123 OH NO

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Oblivion Adèle Tornberg


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Exotic Anthem Marta Leyva

Exotic Anthem

Jana Marei Burn for you Poster - Art Print

Burn for you

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Cherries for my home Henrietta Fromholtz

Cherries for my home

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Kajsa Hagelin Jadore Poster - Art Print


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    Lucrecia Rey Caro - Un jour a la plage

Un jour a la plage

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Lisa Wirenfelt - Arigato - Poster Art Print


From €29