Paintings Minimalist

Discover the world of minimalist art where the simple and stylish gets its space! This is the art form where paintings with few lines and stripped-down visuals convey emotions or illustration. The work leaves room for the spectator's own interpretation and reflection, which we love. The minimalist motifs are a nice fit for all rooms and interior styles.  

141 Prints
Dyka ner Kajsa Hagelin

Dyka ner

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Saturday Sandra Blomén Maschinsky


Embrace Hanna Petersen


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OIVI no2 Ida Vikfors

Oivi no2

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KALPEA no3 Ida Vikfors

Kalpea no3

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Nexus I Lena Wigers

Nexus I

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Time Studio Paradissi


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West Sculpture Hanna Peterson

West Sculpture

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Honey Julia Hallström


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Floatation Lovisa Häger


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Sign 03 Annika Hultgren Poster

Sign 03

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Anna Mörner Limone - Kitchen Poster


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Cedar Julia Hallström Hjort


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Marta Leyva Never make eye contact while eating a banana Poster

Never make eye contact while eating a banana

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Lemon Saulo


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Oivi no5 Ida Vikfors

Oivi no5

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