Ronas Kloss - Artist - Collection
Ronas Kloss - Artist - Collection

Ronas Kloss

Ronas Kloss was born in Salzburg, Austria - a mountain child who now lives in Vienna. He began painting a few years ago and describes his journey with art as "the deeper I dive into this ocean we call art, the more I experience our most advanced form of spiritual practice. A ritualistic and fully diversified way of dealing with the sacred." For Ronas, each artist has his own way of illuminating this secret world that transcends our visual and haptic reality. He is inspired by writers, mysticism and the human world.

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Ronas Kloss - Two skies
Two skies by Ronas Kloss
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Ronas Kloss - 8 ladies
Eight Ladies by Ronas Kloss
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Ronas Kloss - jerusalem - Poster - Wall of Art
Jerusalem by Ronas Kloss
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Ronas Kloss - one vase
One Vase by Ronas Kloss
From €39