Sizar Alexis

In my line art, I work with more organic, lively and sometimes hypnotic motifs, unlike my product design. I strive for serene like feelings and accuracy and I mostly use graphite pens and sometimes ink/fiber pens to achieve that expression. Each line and detail is created with accuracy and sometimes the finest details just happen during creation. I often seek inspiration in brutalism and structures in nature when I create. It is the construction of different geometric bodies in the brutalism I am drawn to in my product design. And of the inspirations are lifeless trees and branches with lively structures in my art.

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Parra Sizar Alexis


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Ductfall Sizar Alexis


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Untitled Object 05 Sizar Alexis

Untitled Object 05

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Cocoon Sizar Alexis


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Branche Sizar Alexis


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Aileph Sizar Alexis


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On the edge Sizar Alexis

On the edge

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