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More wonderful collages on our walls! Collage is the combination of different mediums and techniques such as illustrations, newspaper clippings and photographs, composed on a real or digital canvas, often interwoven with painting or drawing. Collagen gives a living feeling where color and shape meet and form personal art with a lot of expression. Decorate with inspirational posters from Wall of Art for an artistic home.

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How Long Is To Long Adèle Tornberg

How Long Is Too Long

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Marche aux fruits Marta Leyva

Marche aux fruits

Tulips Maria Liffner


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Evelina Kroon December Poster


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Evelina Kroon November Poster


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Årstider poster - Evelina Kroon - Art Print


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Oblivion Adèle Tornberg


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Cha cha Lisa Wirenfelt

Cha cha

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Evelina Kroon Februari Poster


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Oak Hanna Peterson


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Pappas pappa Alexander Adiels

Pappas pappa

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Geomatrical Shapes 02 Maria Liffner

Geomatrical Shapes 02

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    Lucrecia Rey Caro - Un jour a la plage

Un jour a la plage

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Evelina Kroon maj Poster


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Eye Archive Lucrecia Rey Caro

Eye Archive

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Block 01 Adèle Tornberg

Block 01

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