Wall of Art

About us


At Wall of Art, passion for art and interior design meet in a curated collection of art prints for your home and office. Created by young artists, some of which are sharing their creative work with a wider audience for the first time, our prints come in a variety of styles and techniques to satisfy your personal taste. We hope that our concept will inspire you to create the gallery wall of your dreams.

Use our smart create Art Wall tool to get inspiration and organize your favorite motifs into a personal collage that can be ordered home with one click. Each poster is printed on a matte 200 gram paper and sent with care straight to you. Now you can change your apartment, villa or business with unique wall art while supporting young creators on their artistic journey.

Our story

It all started with a gallery wall at Annika and Nicklas’ new apartment. In a sea of popular motifs available online, personal prints that didn’t cost a fortune were hard to find. After hours of research, Annika decided to pick up her brush and paint a few images herself. The couple started wondering if more people would like to decorate their homes with Annika’s art, but managing the production and marketing on their own felt complex and time-consuming at the time. This is how the idea about Wall of Art was born.

Our mission

Art is created daily by various kinds of creatives, but many of them remain in the shadow, unable to reach through to a wider audience. We want to change that. Wall of Art makes it easy for young artists to sell their art as art prints. In our webshop, their creations are given the space to be seen and appreciated, while we take care of all the practicalities, from marketing to production and shipping. This way, the artists can focus on what they like best - being creative, while our customers can purchase unique and inspiring prints that contribute to a positive change in the art world.