Aliya Abs - Artist
Aliya Abs - Artist

Aliya Abs

The artist Aliya works mainly on traditional media such as canvases and paper for her paintings and drawings. With her diverse mix of genres from minimalist still lifes to portraits and figurative art, she offers her audience a wide range of contemporary subjects. Her artistic work is influenced by academic teaching and the real every day life with her children. In addition, there are influences from different cultures of our globalized society. The focus of her current works are naive shapes and natural colors. She works with dynamic brushstrokes as well as with calm color surfaces. By combining earth tones and intense contrasts, she takes her audience into a modern world of color. The ”completion” of a work comes in different steps. Some works are created quickly, some take time, are edited several times, supplemented or even painted over partially. It depends a lot on Aliya’s emotional mood and condition. A fresh eye or a refreshed look to the work often provides clarity on adjustments.

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