Freja Erixån - Artist - Collection
Freja Erixån - Artist - Collection

Freja Erixån

Freja Erixån works as an artist, comic author and illustrator based in Malmö. Her artistic work reflects on what is considered as a non normative behaviour - represented with a navistic imagery combined with sharp texts. Her debut book, "Över min döda kropp"/ "Over my dead body", Kartago förlag 2018, is written towards the target group of young girls in the age 13-18 and illustrate the crisis in trying to (and fail with) live up to what is considered normal. Her art has been presented in galleries and art halls (such as Stenungsunds konsthall 2020, Sandvikens konsthall 2016 and Göteborgs Stadsbibliotek 2015). Her comics and illustrations has been shown in magazines such as Galago, Flamman and Tecknaren. @frejaerixan

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