Paintings Black and white

Stylish expressive posters created by our rising creators. Even with simple means, it is easy to get a whole new feeling in your home with a poster from Wall of Art. We have collected an exclusive collection of black and white motifs where you will find everything from line art, abstract paintings, photographs and illustrations. Printed on a high quality fine-art paper for the best quality and color reproduction.

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Saturday Sandra Blomén Maschinsky


Embrace Hanna Petersen


From €35
Bla bla Lisa Wirenfelt

Bla bla

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Tulips Maria Liffner


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Wine Meal Lucrecia Rey Caro

Wine Meal

Loving the simple Lucrecia Rey Caro

Loving the simple

From €35
Eterno Hanna Peterson


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Abstract figure poster - Wall of Art

Abstract figure

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Face Anna Mörner


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Lilla Baren Anna Mörner

Lilla Baren

From €29
Wyoming Breakfast Lucrecia Rey Caro - Black and white - Poster

Wyoming Breakfast

From €49
Hands no3 Hanna Peterson

Hands no3

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Sculptress Lucrecia Rey Caro


Lucrecia Rey Caro - Format Figure - Abstract Poster

Format figure

From €35
Viktoria Möller Folksamling - Line art - Print


From €29
Parra Sizar Alexis


From €29