Paintings Cubism

Cubism was the art movement that started the abstract art style of the 20th century. The style of art got its name from the art critic Louis Vauxcelles after a statement about Braque's small cubes, and hence the name. Picasso was one of the artists who really put Cubism on the art world's map and we still see newly created works with roots from Cubism. Choose from motifs created by our artists in the spirit of Cubism. All posters are printed on a matte high quality paper.

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Anna Johansson Pellucid Print


From €29
Pappas pappa Alexander Adiels

Pappas pappa

From €29
Josefin Tolstoy pour moi Poster

Pour moi

From €59
Stå i skuggan Alexander Adiels

Stå i skuggan

From €29
Emelie Torling At the chateau - Poster - Print Art

At the chateau

From €29
Josefin Tolstoy Cercle Rose - Poster

Cercle rose

From €59
Josefa Berg- Syrran med ciggen

Syrran med ciggen

From €29
Josefa Berg - Värk


From €29