Hello home, Jessica Hallbäck

Artist with the public space as a gallery. Mother of four. This is how Jessica describes herself on Instagram. Jessica lives in central Malmö with her partner and children. The apartment speaks for a living and welcoming home with a warm energy.

Hi Jessica! Who are you?
I'm a woman who never thought she would have children but became a mother of four. Did not think I would be allowed to be an artist either, but I can call myself that today. Life gets more beautiful the older you are.

"Being a mother makes one a life optimizer, not a life enjoyer haha.

Tell us about your family!
We consist of me and my partner Ramón, my two children from before (Zoe 15 years and Lily 12 years) and our common children Frankie (1 year) and Liana (2 years). Ramón and I met just over 4 years ago, he was my third tinder date ever. Hated to be online dating!

What is it like to be a mother?
Being a mother makes one a life optimizer, not a life enjoyer haha. No, but it's a lot of fun and a lot of work at the same time. All hours of the day are as busy and at the same time you get so much back. Children give you all kinds of emotions.

What is most important for you to give to your children?
Security. Want a home that feels warm and welcoming to my children.

Who were you as a child?
I was shy and had tons of imagination.

You have not always lived in Malmö, how and why did you end up here?
We were tired of Stockholm and wanted to live somewhere where we could afford to live in the middle of the city. We were also tired of taking the subway and wanted walking distance to most things. We looked around all over Sweden but fell for Malmö, the city is so multicultural, it is close to Europe, it is cheap, big enough and my uncle lives here with his husband.

Tell us about your art?
I have always loved art but it was not until I discovered street art that I felt real joy in it. Joy and courage. The world of street art does not feel so elitist and much more free.

"Can be happy to think that I will soon be able to drink the first coffee of the day (the most tasty one) when I just woke up."

What does creativity mean to you?
To be brave and test new things. Thinking outside the box. To create because it's fun.

What's the funniest thing you know?
Difficult! But right now I would dream of being creative without having to think about money.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Bad TV. Would love to read a book instead but no, 90 days fiancy is more interesting.

What drives you crazy?
The world. It's so unfair.

What makes you happy?
Having ovulation and not PMS or menstruation hahaha. No but pretty simple things make me happy. Can be happy to think that I will soon be able to drink the first coffee of the day (the absolute tastiest) when I just woke up.

What's always in your fridge?
Oatmeal for my latte.

What do you dream about?
To feel completely free.

What would you like to recommend?
To dare to think outside society's norms.