New artist, Philippa Parnevik

Philippa Parnevik, based in New York found love in photography after trying to escape the loneliness and constant noise of the big city. Her feeling for each individual and the complexity you find in a person make her photographs unique in their kind. For Philippa, photography is about making connections with people. Now she releases a series of analog art prints that she calls "The Butts, backs and faces of people I love".

Philippa, we're heading for Christmas, how are you?

So much going on right now, but I love the pulse. It feels like I have brought NYC’s energy to Stockholm. I feel really inspired, full of friends and family, and the perfect mix of chaos and control.

"When I'm in Stockholm I feel as American as you can get, and when I'm in
NYC my liberal and “naked” Swedish side comes out"

Tell me about you!
I am 23 years old, 50% American, 50% Swedish. When I'm in Stockholm I feel as American as you can get, and when I'm in NYC my liberal and “naked” Swedish side comes out. I started photographing my cousin Luna when I was 13, she was 5 at the time, and haven’t stopped photographing since. It’s important to me that it never feels like something I have to do, rather something that allows me to feel free. And I am so grateful that it continues to give me freedom.

Tell me about your collection!
The collection spans from photos I have taken in 2018- 2022. I always love photographing family, friends, and strangers who quickly become part of my life. It is very important to me to capture each individual in their most true form and what feels most authentic to who they are. My photography process is never thought out or plotted, most images happen very naturally and fall into place. I would say I spend a maximum of 25 minutes when I'm shooting someone - you either have it or you don't. Backs and butts are something I find very beautiful and continue to find myself photographing, hence the collection's name - The Backs, Butts, and Faces of People I Love.

If you could choose one person in the world, alive or not, to photograph. Who would you choose then?
The inner fangirl in me would say Harry Styles. The artistic side of me would have loved to photograph my grandpa in his 20’s. 

What are you doing when not taking pictures?
I am always around people. When I'm not with my family or friends , I'm constantly finding a new project to be passionate about or vintage shopping.

What makes you happy?
A really good pair of vintage pants.  

Where do you prefer to travel when you get the chance?
Wherever my family is.  

"Making the fashion industry make systematic change and boycotting Fast Fashion"

What do you think will have happened in ten years in your life?
I think I have left NYC, working in law reform against the fashion industry, and in love. 

Who are your role models?
My big sisters.

Right now you don't live in Sweden, do you think it will one day be your place?
I think once I have taken everything NYC can give I’ll find my roots again in Stockholm.

What is your passion?
Making the fashion industry make systematic change and boycotting Fast Fashion. 

I dance to…
Abba, Remi Wolf, and Amy Winehouse. 

I laugh to…
Broad city, there's not an episode that doesn't make me laugh. 

I would never eat…

When I was a child I wanted to become…

A CEO haha 

When no one's watching…
My guilty pleasure is watching really bad reality TV shows.

I would like to recommend…
The book “ I’ll give you the sun “