Jennie Petersen

I started to paint a couple of years ago but it wasn't until quite recently I found my direction during a sick leave due to stress. After having the feeling that I'm never good enough, as almost all women do, I wanted to challenge the norm and the way we perceive the female body, but I also wanted to reinforce the feeling that I was good enough. I started to paint different bodies and ladies and then I saw different lines and curves as truly beautiful instead of seeing what the ideal is saying to us women. I mainly paint with oil pastels and acrylics. I get inspired by women that believes in them self, women that dare to take place and challenge the ideals and norms. I think there is a lot of female artists throughout history that deserves their rightful place. Some of my favourites are Helene Schjerbeck, Vanessa Bell, Sonia Delaunay, Sigrid Hjertén and Lena Cronqvist.

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