Rydman Östling - Artist - Collection
Rydman Östling - Artist - Collection

Rydman Östling

The stylist Hanna and the photographer Lina found each other in the imagery and Rydman / Östling is their hobby project where they can play and create without anyone stopping them. Creating images in dreamy environments with imagination and humor is significant for them, but then let the passion lead and the expression change. Everything based on the inner compass. Their inspiration comes from all over the world and the assignments vary from larger productions to smaller ones, both public and private."Lina's ability to create emotion in the image is pure magic. Her professionalism and accuracy can be seen in everything she does." - Hanna's words about Lina"Hanna has been gifted with being able to think bigger and wider than most. The fact that she is also brave means that the boundaries are stretched and when we work and there are, as always, exciting pictures, always with carefully selected props." - Lina's words about Hanna

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