Hard to decide or are you just scrolling around and searching for inspiration? We are here to help you out! This is a place where you can get inspired by our curated gallery walls, create your own wall with artworks and also get tips and help from our own interior designer Matilda. You can't miss out on WOA Magazine where we share lots of articles including art and interior design. Get inspired by our "Hello home" reportage where we visit interesting people who get to share personal stories.

Curated Gallery walls

We have filled our inspiration gallery with photos from our different stylings and curated gallery walls where you can easily click home your favorite artwork directly. The gallery is always open to customers who want help to create a gallery wall or find inspiration. Find new ways to mix and match our prints and make your home ready for new art today.

Total sum: €257

Total sum: €93


Do you need help with your gallery wall and tips on artworks that can fit? Our stylist Matilda Levenborn is more than happy to help and create a proposal for you privately or for your company. Take a picture on the wall and fill in the form below and she will return within a few days with a combination of motifs for your home. Posters are automatically downloaded from your heart-marked options.


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