Hello home, Charlene Sery

May 28, 2024

Dear Charlene, please tell us a little about yourself!
My name is Charlene. I’m from Ivory Coast, raised in Italy and living in Berlin since almost six years. Mum of three.Fashion and travel lover. Before Berlin as I mentioned, my husband and I were living in Italy where I always worked in fashion sphere; once we moved in Berlin I totally changed life: since five years I’m running a coffee/gelato shop with my husband.

"Less is more"

What’s your super power?
Hmm, my super power..I think the super power of everything is love right?:)

What does your home mean to you?
My home is my happy and safe place. The place where hide myself when I'm breaking down, the place where I have the best memories with my family and friends..the place where I’m happy to be back from a travel. I mean, home is home.

How would you describe your aesthetic?
“Less is more” the Coco Chanel quote is really true.
I’m for simplicity, nordic minimal/colorful interior and elegance.

What do you do on a sunny Sunday?
Usually Sunday means family day, it’s the day when Lorenzo and I don’t work. A Sunny Sunday routine is having a breakfast /brunch outside, playground and going to a market.

Top 3 favorite places?
My three favorite places here in Berlin are Tim Raue restaurant, Forsthaus strelitz(our favorite place for romantic escape, kids free haha) and my own place, I love chilling on my sofa:)

"Love is everything!"

What’s the best thing about being a mother?
For me it’s all the unconditional love you receive from your kids. Love is everything.

What’s it like to live in Berlin?
We are living in Berlin since five years. Love this city because it offers you a lot in terms of attractions: playgrounds, events, bars ect.. and I love the fact that is a big city so there are so many different cultures. But winter and the german culture are pretty challenging for me.

You are running an ice cream bar together with your husband! That must be fantastic! How did you end up with that idea?
Our place is called ”Early Bird” and is located in prenzlauerberg. We moved in October 2016 and we opened the coffee/gelato place in January 2017. Before Berlin I worked in fashion and Lorenzo as IT consultant; so we definitely changed our lifestyle. We wanted to have our own place and do something that allow us to be in contact with people face to face but in the same time having a funny business.

What are you looking forward to?
Honestly looking forward to new adventure. Why not another country and new business?;)