Wall of Art x Noir vin & kaffekultur

Cortados, cappucinos, coffee without milk, lemonades, espressos and other everyday orders are handed out on a conveyor belt at the small and intimate café. The staff greets everyone as if they were family, which many also are in a way. Regular guests come here morning and evening for high-quality coffee, well-cooked snacks, cake of the day and of course the good and family atmosphere. Meet Alexandra and Andrea Papini, founders of Noir.

Good morning! How are you today?
Just good thank you, summer is finally here and it feels so wonderful!

Important question, do you drink coffee before you get to work? Andrea gets up at 06:00 every day, and the absolute first thing he does is put on coffee. We are lucky enough to live around the corner from Noir, so the second cup of coffee is taken an hour or so later at Noir.

"We want our guests to be able to have the best of life with us"

Probably all Malmö residents know what Café Noir is, but for those who have not yet had time to discover your incredible place, tell us!
We are a small wine & coffee bar in the middle of central Malmö, behind small squares. We probably have the greenest patio in town, and perhaps the smallest kitchen. We want our guests to be able to have the best of life with us: a really well-made coffee, unique pastries, food that tastes real and our latest addition: natural wines!

During my morning visit to you, people flocked in who more or less knew you, is it like a small family with your customers?
I think both, we probably have equal parts regulars as temporary visitors. But we want everyone who comes to us to feel welcome, and treated like regulars. We are very happy for both new and older acquaintances!

What to eat and drink when visiting your place?
We serve breakfast, lunch and simple dishes all day, all prepared with care for taste and ingredients. So maybe first a breakfast and later in the evening a glass of natural wine and our truffle pearls with burrata and chips? To die for!

Why did it become a café? Because the times suit us better than a restaurant! We have gone from having only specialty coffee and simpler pastries, to cooking more food and have now landed in cooking a lot of food, pouring wine and having a smaller selection of pastries. We have had Noir for 12 years, and are always trying to develop. There are few squares, but we have lots of ideas and love to try something new! We also want to challenge the idea of drinking wine in the evening only, we want to be the place you go to before you go on and chew.

"We always try to hire people with different backgrounds to get a good dynamic in the staff, right now we have a wonderful team from Iraq, Pakistan, Ukraine, Poland, Sweden and Italy"

Have you considered the idea of opening up more places? Absolutely, but everything has its time. We usually say that Noir is our fourth child, too little it is. Our three children are still quite young, so we want to maintain the balance of a healthy family life and be able to run a business well.

What is your strength and what do people expect when they come to you? Regular as non-regular customers!
We love what we do, and I think it shows. From small details, to how our staff treats our guests. We are a family business, our children grew up in our bar and it is a lifestyle we like. Hopefully it is noticeable at all levels. We always try to hire people with different backgrounds to get a good dynamic in the staff, right now we have a wonderful team from Iraq, Pakistan, Ukraine, Poland, Sweden and Italy. We live in Malmö, which is multicultural, it should also be visible in the labor market.

What is the best thing about Malmö?
The attitude! Malmö is kind, streetsmart and always a short bike ride wherever you go.

Do you do anything else outside of working with the café?
Andrea works as an interior designer and AD, and together we also do stories for magazines when the time is right. We are currently looking at opening another company, but it is still a secret =)

What does the summer look like?
We are an Italian / Swedish family, so we will spend time in Italy and Sweden. When you have two of your own companies, it becomes difficult to take a real holiday, we never really know when we are free or working. But we hope for many good times at Noir, in our colony where we grow lots, swim and hang out with our children!

Last but not least, what's the most fun about running Noir?
That we get to meet so many amazing people, cook, learn about wines… all during working hours. It is a lifestyle that we are very grateful for!