Hello home 

Cassandra Klatzkow


The door opens on the third floor, - Come in and feel at home, I have a few minutes left in the bathroom! Cassandra stands in front of her bathroom cabinet and puts on the final makeup. In the cabinet, lipsticks, face masks, setting sprays, tops and other necessities coexist with each other. Ponyo and Totoro, Cassandra's two lovely roommates, are never more than a meter away from their owner. A little hesitantly, they follow me as I walk through the apartment. A feeling of security and good energy spreads. Cassandra has lived here for many years but her home is constantly changing. It is refurnished, repainted, things moving around and then it starts all over again. Cassandra describes herself as smart, passionate about music and always has cola-zero at home! Meet her here.



How would you describe yourself?
Cozy, sensitive, explosive, loving, smart and fun!

A perfect day with you, what does it look like?
It is definitely a weekend. Maybe Sunday? Calm and slow morning!!! Waking up in bed, then up to the vacuum cleaner haha, SO important that it is always cleaned otherwise I get no peace at all. Late breakfast, make a good nice sandwich and drink good coffee in front of the TV, probably watching some reality series. Then I clean a little more, change bedding as always on Sundays and snuggle around. Then the day is spent just cuddling, cuddling, cuddling, sprucing up and enjoying!



"We talk about everything from relationships, children, fears, therapy, friendship to politics, TV series and diarrhea"

What do you dream about?
Security and stability, adventure and children.

You run a podcast with two other women, "Det skaver", tell me about it!
"Det skaver" is the podcast about life after 30 and how nothing turned out as you thought it would. Me, Elsa and Nadia have been podcasting for two years now and I think it just gets better and more fun all the time. We talk about everything from relationships, children, fears, therapy, friendship to politics, TV series and diarrhea. Everything that is relevant in our lives then!

What is your passion?
Injustices, order, structure, animals and children! Personal development. Music and song!

Name three sources of inspiration…
Instagram is clearly inspired all the time by people I follow there. Pinterest for interior design! My friends.

"Always dreamed of rescuing homeless cats haha but you do not get rich on that right away ?!"

What does your home mean to you?
OMG that's my everything! My base, my home, my security of course! Love to be and live here.

If you had changed course completely in life, who would you have been then and what would you have done?
Wow that's hard. I have changed course several times already. Feels like I'll probably do it again and again. And again. Definitely needs to be something that engages me and touches me in some way. Always dreamed of rescuing homeless cats haha but you do not get rich right away ?!


You have two lovely roommates, who are they?
Yes, Ponyo and Totoro are my cats! Two British short-haired brothers of three years. Love them more than anything !!!!

You are captured and abducted in a helicopter but have to wish exactly where you want to be dropped off, where do you end up?
Right now I am so desperately longing for tropical heat and a beach so anywhere where the situation is like that.


What do your friends say about you?
That I am funny, hysterical, quirky, loyal and loving! And surely a lot more haha.

What can you find in your fridge?
There are ALWAYS lots of cola zero, parmesan, tomatoes, Dijon mustard, feta cheese, lemons, ham cheese, butter and milk.


My hidden talent is…
Haha really have no hidden talents

I'm going crazy when…
It's chaotic and messy. When someone walks slowly in front of me. When someone is slow, point? Lol! Goes crazy on people who are unable to see others' perspectives on things.

I am scared of…
Loneliness and being abandoned. And heights. And everything that really rolls haha.


I dance to…
Exactly all kind of music tbh!

My best outfit is…
My silk pajamas